Paul Dairo needs no introduction. He is the son of late famous juju musician Isaiah Kehinde Dairo (MBE), popularly known as I.K Dairo. Call him a chip off the old block, Paul Dairo known by his fans as Paul Play is multi-talented; a mechanical engineer by training he’s also a professional composer, song writer, singer, producer and entertainment content consultant.

His songs like Angel Of My Life, Mo Wa Dupe, Happy Day, Forever etc continue to gladden the hearts of music lovers, worldwide.

Besides producing all his albums, he has produced songs for many artistes including King Sunny Ade, Sunny Neji, Omotola Jalade, Bisade Ologunde (Lagbaja), Ara, Plantashun Boiz, Tony Tetuila amongst others, and he has done many collaboration with different artistes cutting across different age brackets.

An outstanding Osun Citizen, Ijebu-Jesa born Paul Play, in this interview with’s DOTUN OLANIBI, he explains his role as a peace maker in the entertainment industry, his career, challenges, his passion for his home country; Nigeria, activism, his near death experience years back, family, aspirations, his relocation overseas, and many more.

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You’re one of the artistes that are known to be the Brigde-builders between the artistes that have been around for a while, and the new generation artistes, why did you decide to do that?

My late father was always a bridge builder, and I believe I inherited that trait from him. I recall how he mediated disputes among juju band artists in the past. I maintain close relationships with some of the new generation artistes, and I understand why there has been little or no synergy between them.

Connecting with the new artistes may pose a challenge, but part of the issue lies in their poor knowledge of the music industry’s history.

This lack of understanding led to a recent incident between a young artiste and a legendary elderly musician. I’ve collaborated with a few young artistes, and it’s fascinating to witness the immense talent some of them possess.


You’ve once alluded to being a victim of bullying in the music industry, one wonders how you survived it?

I’ve faced numerous challenges in the music industry, with critics suggesting I wouldn’t have succeeded without my father’s influence.

Additionally, I faced cancellations from some radio stations due to a minor misunderstanding with an industry stakeholder.

As a believer, I turned to God and placed my challenges on His altar. I decided to record an album that had no trace of IK Dairo and prayed for its success. The album’s success silenced my critics.

Speaking of survival, years back, you survived a major illness, and a lot of us became very scared. You came out of it, and you have been waxing stronger and stronger, ever since, how did you do it?

I’m here today because God stood by me during that traumatic experience. My surgery carried a 50/50 chance of survival, but by the grace of God, I pulled through.

Due to the intensive nature of the procedure, I was inactive for many years until I was confident I could fully engage in activities again. I made up my mind to be consistent and keep working on my musical skills. Consistency is key in any artistes’ career

Alot of people are now seeing you as an activist, going by some of your social media engagements, is it safe to say that aside from being an artiste, you’re equally an activist?

I wish I could be an activist, but unfortunately, I am not. Being an activist comes with many challenges, including threats to your life and family’s safety.

Those who pilfer the resources of this country will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who stands in their way. When an activist is assassinated, people are too afraid to fight back. No activist alone can change the situation in the country. The people must save themselves from further suffering by uniting.

I am not like any other celebrity who will remain silent and mind their own business while the people who contributed to my success in the music career are suffering.

I’m not an activist, but it’s my responsibility to speak up when things are not going right. Not speaking up is nothing short of selfishness.

Apart from the fact that your dad was a well known artiste, you have personally carved a niche for yourself in the music industry, how have you been able to achieve this?

My dad was a music legend with a wowing dexterity. He played about 5 instruments and I play just two . There was no way I could have stepped in his shoes musically . So I had to make my own shoe and step into it.

I grew up listening to a lot of Soul and R&B albums and that spurred my passion for it .my brothers bought stacks of R&B albums and I was so inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Gap Band, Shalamar , Lakeside, Dynasty and many others.

I got so passionate that I had to get a Casio keyboard and started learning and practicing. After meeting up with Slam we formed a group called Nuff Soul and later moved to Oxygen from there I got signed by Kennis music .

You’ve been in the music industry for decades now, and you’re still relevant, what’s the secret?

I’m simply continuing what you’ve seen me do on social media: maintaining appearances and releasing songs without hesitation or worries about their success.

Additionally, I’m also involved in various non-music-related projects that keep me motivated and engaged.

You have hardly been associated with any scandal, as an artiste, and a good looking one at that, how have you been able to avoid scandals?

I’m not perfect, and I attribute that to avoiding actions that could negatively impact others. As an introvert, you’ll rarely find me in situations that could lead to scandals.

Many of your fans don’t really know much about your family life, are you keeping this out of public eye on purpose?

Yes, it’s intentional. I made the conscious choice to place my life in the spotlight indefinitely.

However, my children and wife didn’t sign up for that. I value their privacy, allowing them the freedom to be themselves and live their lives normally.

This question is an emotional one; looking back, if you reflect on life generally, what are you grateful for?

I express my heartfelt gratitude to almighty God and to the Nigerian people for affording me the chance to showcase my talents as one of Nigeria’s esteemed musicians.

Furthermore, I am deeply appreciative of the unwavering support from my family, as well as the blessings I’ve received in terms of financial stability, good health, and spiritual fulfillment.

Each of these aspects of my life has contributed to my journey and success, and for that, I am profoundly thankful.

You’ve relocated out of Nigeria for a while now, what’s the reason for that, and what’s Paul Play up to right now, and what should your fans be expecting?

There were multiple factors influencing my decision to relocate. Foremost among them was the desire to be closer to my children, who have been residing abroad while I remained in Nigeria.

My longing for Nigeria is evident through my continuous engagement with the day-to-day occurrences in my homeland.

Additionally, I’ve been actively involved in performing my shows here and producing for a music synchronization company.

This year holds various exciting prospects for me, including the release of my latest single titled “Phenomenal.”

Each of these endeavors contribute to my ongoing journey and aspirations. Also I would like to add that my fans have been very supportive through the good times and bad times . May God bless them all.

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