I GAVE UP SPORTS FOR MUSIC – Top Highlife/Juju Artiste, Titi Oguntoyinbo

– Top Highlife/Juju Artiste,
Titi Oguntoyinbo
Titilayo Oguntoyinbo fondly called “Titi Alayo” by her fans is one of the wavemaking highlife/juju musicians in Nigeria today.
A native of Ogbagi- Akoko in Ondo state, this humble and beautiful lady is no doubt a professional in her career.
She has worked with great artistes like Majek Fashek, Onyeka Onwenu, Orlando Julius, late Fatai Rolling Dollars, infact, she is one of the pioneer members of Femi Kuti’s band before floating her personal band 25 years ago.
In this interview with OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi, the mother of three told us about her educational background, male fans, lessons of life, her love for sports amongst other issues.
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Some people believe that most artistes are not educated, can you tell us about your educational background?
I schoold in lagos; Santa Maria Primary School, when Muritala died in 1976, my father changed me to public school because my school was far from my home. So i went to Ojuwoye public school mushin.
During Jakande regime, i was taken to Ifelodun primary school where I finishd my primary school, then I attended three different schools for my secondary.
I read Mass Communication in laspotech in lagos.
You look very young and fit; how old are you and whats your marital status?
I am married to Mr Jide Oguntoyinbo with three kids; two boys and a girl.
I will be 50 years old by his grace in two years time.
To God be all d glory.
 With this vast knowledge, having worked with many great artistes, why did you choose juju as your genre of music?
I thank God for everything. I am not just a juju singer, people love me on high life music than juju, but you know in Nigeria, we do juju music for parties and high life for concerts or club shows for advance ages but i am so blessed that I can sing any brand of music.
Those of us that know you very well, we know you to be very humble despite your popularity, what will you say makes you so humble?
I will say I am blessed with that; to know how to relate well with people is from God and i thank God too for my late parents.
All the same, anything we do, put others first so says the holy bible because it’s not by our making, we are all just an opportunist.
What lesson has life taught you as a person?
To trust God and belive in him only.
As for me, most people I give food wants to stop me from eating, but that won’t stop me from doing God’s work, just not to trust people.
How do you combine your chores as an artiste, mother and wife?
God has been Faithfull my brother.
It is not easy ooo, men can be funny sometimes you know? A woman leaving home everytime not taking kids along, kudos to all men married to a lady musician, but they can be very mean if they want, but if you know you dont want your profession should not break your home, you know how to make it balanced with prayers and humility.
When you are home, take good care of your family even when you are out, the provision will keep them comfortable.
Some male fans can sometimes go beyond their boundries, how do you handle such male fans?
That is true, people like that you don’t fight them o because a fan can bring 100 fans, a fan can make you loose 1000 fans as well.
I do sit some of my fans down and let them know that see o, am a married woman but I appreciate the fact that they like me, please just stand in for me as a brother. Some will take it and be my brother, some will say I will still be trying. It is I that knows that my voice is what am selling not my body o.
Alot of up and coming musicians especially the female ones look up to you. What advise do you have for them?
Yes,first they should believe in God for a better tomorrow.
Second, they must fall in love with their profession first not the money in it.
When you are in love with your work, you will do it right, when you do it right, people fall in for you, and the money comes after.
Be origina as well.
Tell us something you will you never do even if you are offered 1 million pounds?
I will never never and never forsake God.
Finally, apart from your profession as a musician, what other things do you enjoy doing?
I play table tennis so well so many people know me for that.
I was lagos state champion in my secondary school years.
I gave sports up for music.
You know the two are very demanding.
I still love sport too

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