I WAS THE ONE WRITING SONGS FOR FIVE STAR MUSIC ARTISTES! -Harrysong……. Plus why he left Five Star Music Label




Plus why he left Five Star Music Label

Those who felt the union between E-Money’s Five Star Music Label and Harrison Tare Okiri popularly known as Harrysong was a match made in heaven were shocked when the gist broke that the Reggae Blues crooner had left the record label.

Now, Harrysong has joined the long list of artistes who dumped their record labels to set up their own.

And as he has left, the singer, who claimed he wrote most of the songs in the record label, said his former label would need to recreate their sounds since he has left with the sounds he created while he was with the team.

“My exit from Five Star music will not crumble the record label. They have other artistes and it is a platform that has been built for years. I was there when we started the whole movement and now, I have started mine with my artistes. If any of them should go, my record label will not crumble. I know I wrote most of their songs but with my exit, their sound would change. I came with my own sound and since I am leaving with it, they would have to create something new for themselves. Every artiste has different sounds and it depends on what inspires you.”

But as much as the split has generated controversies, Harrysong told Saturday Beats that he is not at war with his former label and his label mates, especially Kcee.

Against the rumour being peddled, Harrysong said he left basically because his contract had expired and he needed to launch his own platform, Alter Plate.

Even as some people feel Harrysong was biting the finger that fed him and made him popular, he said, “Why are people seeing things from just one direction? I was Harrysong in Question Mark before I joined Five Star Music. I don’t want the fans to get things twisted. Of course, people shouldn’t have expected me to stay there forever. It was a contract, a deal, and it was going to end; now it has ended. What I need people to understand is that I was with Question Mark till my contract ended; then I moved to Five Star and now I am about to progress. My career was not going to end with Five Star music. The contract ended and I had to progress.”

Source – Punch Newspaper

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