Jimi Benson popularly known as JB Lanky is one of the most popular musicians in Osun State.

His genre of music which he calls Afrosonic juju music is well loved by not only the people of his native Osun State, but the entire South Western part of the country, and even beyond the shores of Nigeria.

A distinguished Osun Citizen from the ancient town of Ile-Ife, JB Lanky who is also the son of a juju musician, in this interview with’s Dotun Olanibi talks about himself, family, career, upcoming UK tour, and many more.

Enjoy the interview.

Alot of people know you as JB Lanky, can you please make a brief proper introduction of yourself?

My name is Adesiyan Adejimi Benson. I’m married and blessed with wonderful kids. I am the first son, and also the first child of late Prince Adelanky of blessed memory.

How did you get the stage name JB Lanky?

Well, I picked some part from my father’s stage name: “Lanky” and i am Jimi Benson by name, so we have JbLanky

How did your career in music start?

I believe I have the talent, I’ve been following my father to his shows.

I played Hawaiian guitar on his stage and I got started in 1990 immediately ACE was released out by Sir Shina Peters in 1989.

Who are the artistes you look up to or the ones you see as role models?

My father, I took up from him and my role model is Sir Shina Peters.

In the many years of your career as a musician, how have you been able to maintain your popularity?

It’s been God. Then a whole lot of hard work and perseverance.

What will you say are the challenges confronting Nigerian musicians today?

There are a lot but I will prefer to stay silent on that. It’s best to keep learning. Try to mind your business at all time.

How have you, personally been able to overcome these challenges?

Like I said, focus on your own very strength, work hard on your weaknesses, be creative and trust God. Don’t get carried away by the bandwagon.

How many albums do you have at the moment?


You’re one of the popular artistes in Osun State, even in the entire South Western part of Nigeria, how does that make you feel?

I feel very grateful and contented

What should your fans be expecting from you?

Am working on the video of my latest album SPACELESS. It should be out soon, after which I’ll proceed on my 2024 UK Tour.

If you look back at when you started, what makes you happy being a musician?

The miles covered and the hope for a greater future.

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