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I CAN CURE FIBROIDS WITHOUT SURGERY -Osun Priestess, Osunbukola Olomitutu

-Osun Priestess, Osunbukola Olomitutu
At first glance, Osunbukola Osunfunke Olomitutu will appear to you as one of the beauty queens around, her looks will even give her away as someone in her twenties, but she is closer to 40 than 30! many thanks to her stunning appearance.
However, there is more to Osunbukola‎ who is fondly called “Abiye Agba” apart from her beauty, she’s an Osun Priestess. She is also a traditional medicine practitioner.
She is the Chief Executive Officer of OLOMITUTU SPIRITUAL HEALING CENTER, Atan, Ota in Ogun state.
Osunbukola, until six years ago when she took up this job was known as Bukolami Tina Akinola.
 In this chat with OSUN CITIZEN, the Osogbo born humble woman who read Business Administration at The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti state explains why she decided to be a priestess rather than going after white collar jobs, her fibroid cure claim, her social life and other issues….
How did you start what you are doing today; one, an Osun priestess and two, a traditional medicine practitioner?
I was born into it.
If you say you were born into it, can you tell us more about that?
I inherited it from my grand mum.
Going by your level of education, why do you prefer ‎doing what you do now to going for a white collar job?
It wasn’t easy for me when I wanted to start this job. It’s a calling I rejected for many years but after a lot of trials, I decided to take up this job.
How long have you been doing this?
I have been doing this for over six years now and God has been answering my prayers.
Rewind to before the last six years‎, before taking up this job, were you a Christian or muslim?
I was a Christian and Muslim.
My dad is a Christian and my mum a Muslim.
Looking back at the last six years, would you say you find fulfilment in doing ‎this?
Yes! I never regret doing it.
You are very active on social media, have you taken your job to ‎other parts of the world?
No, I haven’t travelled out of the country before but I’m planning to travel to United States Of America in March 2017.
You are a fashionista, ‎but you enjoy putting on white native attire, do you put on western dress too?
Yes, I wear jeans and shirt too.
Which other colour do you like apart from the traditional white?
I wear any other colour like other human beings.
As a pretty woman, do men still woo you or they are scared because you are a priestess?
{laughs} Men still disturb me around.
Going through your profile, you claim you can cure fibroid without s‎urgery, how true is that?
Yes, it’s true. I know about that very well and I have cured many.
What about the fact that you have cure for the problem of women who are unable to have children?
Yes, I know that as well.
Apart from fibroid cure and issues some woman have with having children that i just mentioned, ‎which other things do you do at Olomitutu Spiritual Healing Centre?
All spiritual problems generally. And Olodumare has been helping us to make people happy.
What’s your favourite sport?
I like swimming.
What’s your best food?
I like pounded yam and draw soup.
Who is your favourite musician?
I like listening to blues and I like Saheed Osupa as well.
You are a football fan, which club do you support?
I’m an arsenal fan.
Where do you dream of taking your job to?
To a high level.
A lot of our people have dumped our culture and embraced the western culture, what would you say about this?
One of the things I want to do is to work hard and encourage and enlighten these people especially some of our youths that think civilisation has taken away our tradition.

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