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– Moyo Lawal
Popular beautiful actress; Moyo Lawal in this chat with OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi explains her relevance in the movie industry, beauty tips, her personality and ideal man.
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People keep wondering that having spent about two decades, you are still relevant in the movie industry, what’s keeping you going?
I started acting when i was in the university.
That was in 2006. I went professional in 2011.
How is that two decades? (laughing)
That’s over a decade. It isn’t joke you know, all the same, what’s been keeping you going?
Hmmmm… I think its the grace of God. Also, i am not in a race. I just do my job
I have been around you and your family and I can say you are a homely person but some people believe you are a bad girl, what will you say is responsible for this?
Eeem well, i am an actor so I don’t think my reality should be the same with my screen personality.
So if your reality is not same with your screen personality, describe Moyo Lawal as a person off screen?
Indoor family oriented.
I literally didn’t go out up to five times last year (2016)
You a celebrity! Wow?
You’ve got a flawless skin, would you like to share some of your beauty tips?
No! (Laughing)
But its important to drink a lot of water.
There are other sides of Moyo Lawal as a brand apart from the acting side, you wanna mention some?
Hmmmmm… Nah! ,I think the public know what they need to know for now.
Not even your fashion line? News about it is filtering into town already you know?
Just an actor.
We won’t go without touching this; Describe Moyo Lawal’s ideal man
Someone I can make happy.

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