I DIDNT RELOCATE TO AMERICA! …I Am Just On Tour – Tunde Samson



…I Am Just On Tour

– Tunde Samson

Aremu Babatunde Samson popularly called Tunde Samson, is one of the most popular juju musicians in Nigeria. He is known by alot of entertainment followers as one of the most trusted loyalists of afro juju creator, Sir Shina Peters. Little wonder then, that whenever people see Tunde Samson perform, they find it difficult to differentiate between him and Sir Shina Peters.

Award winning Tunde Samson, who started his career in music at the tender age of 10, hosted OSUN CITIZEN in United States Of America where he talked about his own style of juju music called macro feelings, his career, his challenges, juju association and he also cleared the air on the rumour regarding his relocation to America as well as other issues.

Enjoy the interview

Can you tell us how your career in music started?

I started as a choir member of Celestial Church of Christ which led me to become a succesful musician till now by God’s grace.

You are someone who is very close to Sir Shina Peters and you chose his style of music, why?

I chose Sir Shina Peters style of music because of the love i have for him personally.

Who is your role model?

My role models are Sir Shina Peters and Evangelist Ebenezer Obey.

Tell us about your style of juju music; Macro Feelings?

Macro feelings is a fast tempo style of juju music, laced with various styles of music like High life, hip pop, makossa and gospel music.

As a member of Association Of Juju Musicians (AJUMN), what do you think can be done to move the association forward?

To move it forward is by God’s grace. And its only when the elders are ready to support the young ones with love and one mind (ti ki se pe won fi eje sinu tuto funfun Jade) then by God’s grace, we can move forward as an association.

The elders have to come together to address the issue of superiority (emi loga, iwo loga ) put superiority aside and give the young ones the support.

Where do you see AJUMN in the next ten years?

Time will tell, but i know it will be a better place.

The rumour everywhere in Nigeria at the moment is that you have relocated to America?

(Laughs) Yes, as you can see, i am presently in America for a tour aimed at entertaining my fans here who have been yearning for me over the years. You know that America is a big country, we have almost 52 states here.

I have only been able to cover just some out of the states, as part of my American tour. I am still on tour, I did not relocate. My family are still very much in Nigeria. My tour can take two to three years depending. Still on tour ni ooo.


So, what do you have to tell your fans in Nigeria, who are already worried about your whereabout?

My fans should stay calm and cool, there is nothing to worry about, I thank them all. I will be with them soon.

How have you been able to sustain your popularity over the years?

To sustain my popularity is by God’s grace, he is the one making it happen, so its not my power, its God.

Tell us about your title; KING?

The title, King was given to me by my fans. And the voice of man is the voice of God.

Who is Tunde Samson?

Tunde Samson is a musician, a God fearing man from a christan family. A native of Ogun state in yewa north, Ijako Orile to be precise.

What do you always thank God for?

I thank God for making me who I am today, for his protection and every other thing.

What are the challenges you face as as a musician?

Many challenges. But i give glory to Almighty God.

What should your fans be expecting from you?

My fans should be expecting good music and better things to come soon by God’s grace.



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