I will like to marry someone who is quiet because I do a lot of talking – Miss Africa Great Britain; Sarah Jegede



I will like to marry someone who is quiet because I do a lot of talking

– Miss Africa, Great Britain; Sarah Jegede


Sarah Jegede is the reigning Miss Africa, Great Britain.

In this interview, brilliant and beautiful Sarah, in her base in Britain explained to OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi her experience in camp, how she defeated the other 23 finalists to emerge winner , her project, aspiration, her experience so far, her kind of man plus much more.

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Kindly tell us your experience in camp?

Camp was tough. We had very intense rehearsals and training, we also had to attend a couple of events.

But overall we had a lot of fun and it was a rewarding experience.



How do you feel occupying the position you are now?
I feel very privileged being the queen. Over a thousand girls applied to enter this pageant.

There were 24 finalists and I emerged the winner, so it’s a real honour.



What are the projects you have embarked on since you became a beauty queen and what are the ones you intend to embark on later?
My big project was going to Osun state, and raising funds for the children of St Mary’s primary school Ilesha.

That was a lot of work, I am still recovering from that. I intend to keep on helping children in poverty, this is a long term goal of mine for the future.



What are your plans after office?
I love pageantry so I plan to enter into another pageant and keep going till age restricts me.

My journey does not end here.



What has been your experience so far?
My experience has been great, there is an admiration people have for you as a beauty queen. When we went to Osun state I had an amazing time, and this last one year will always be one of my most cherished memories.



What are the things you look out for in a man?
I like someone who is quiet because I do a lot of talking. I also look out for commitment, I like someone who is serious and reliable, not wishy washy.



Tell us about a day you will never forget?
I am never going to forget the night that I was crowned, it was surreal. I couldn’t believe it because I worked hard and I was so happy that it paid off. I cried when I was getting crowned, I had to pull myself together because of all the cameras on me.



What will you say gave you an edge over other contestants while in camp?
The fact that I really wanted to win. I don’t think anybody else wanted it as much as I did and that gave me an edge over everyone else.

I was going the extra mile throughout training, like getting to rehearsals really early before everybody else. I practised my walk every moment I had. I put in a lot of effort into fundraising, I even jumped out of a plane.



If you have the opportunity, what will you like to change about yourself?
My quest for perfection. I am a perfectionist and that is a good thing but on the other hand it is quite frustrating because it means I am never really satisfied and it can cause me to be indecisive.



Kindly tell us your educational background?
I did my O levels in Sciences, A levels in Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and Sociology and then I went on to University to do a degree in Social Sciences.



Kindly tell us about your growing up?
I grew up in Ibadan where I went to primary and secondary school. I went to the International School, Ibadan and that was so much fun.

I get nostalgic about secondary school, I don’t think any school would have been as cool as ISI. I came over to the UK in my teens. I was very much a tomboy as a teenager but I have become quite girly.



What is the most cherished gift you got from someone?

For my 21st birthday my parents bought me a beautiful watch which I have worn ever since!



What are your hobbies?
I enjoy going to the gym, which I do regularly. I also enjoy going to the cinema but I rarely get to do that.



What is your favourite colour?
I love yellow in general. I also love wearing black.



Tell us one item that is always in your bag apart from phone?
I always have a packet of tissues in my bag. Tissues are very handy and you never know when you may need one.



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