I can Never Date Any Man Because Of Money + Why People Think I’m Dating Femi Adebayo – Actress/Model; Aisha Lawal

I can Never Date Any Man Because Of Money
 + Why People Think I’m Dating Femi Adebayo
– Actress/Model; Aisha Lawal
Ibadan, Oyo state born Aisha Lawal is one of the actresses dominating the screen in recent years.
Because of her dexterity at what she does, she quickly rose from being offered one or two ‎roles in a movie to being the lead character and featuring in many movies, which has made her to be one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria at the moment.
Her face not only adorn the jackets of many movies you see around these days, she is also the face of a fashion outfit known as Meera Stiche.
‎Humble and very brilliant Aisha, a graduate of  the popular Federal Government College Ogbomosho and Lead City University, Ibadan who cut her teeth under Femi Adebayo’s theater group known as J-15 is a trained lawyer.
Her pursuit of education is not stopping there as she’s having her doctorate degree in view.
Amidst her tight schedule, OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor, Dotun Olanibi, engaged Aisha the producer of the talk of the town movie; SIMBI ALAMALA in a chat while on location in Ikorodu, Lagos and she talked about her growing up, career, ‎love life and of course, her much talked about relationship with her boss; Femi Adebayo.
Enjoy the package.
As a lawyer by training, has there been any time that your course of study helped you in your acting job?
Yes, several times. For example, if there’s a script where there’s a role of a lawyer, I use my knowledge as a lawyer to chip in with one or two ideas for good interpretation and delivery.
You started from being given a role in a movie and before we knew it, you are everywhere, what’s the secret?
It’s been God. I thank God for everything.
How do you interpret your role so well?
Immediately I get my script and read, I put life into the character I’m asked to interpret. ‎
No matter the kind of character it is, I just switch automatically to the character and put in my best to deliver the role.
Have you ever thought about about it that one day you will become this popular as an actress?
No. ‎I have never thought of acting.
Even up till now, I don’t like going to locations.
When I was growing up, I had no way to be exposed to acting. You know I had a muslim background and this singing and acting thing ‎is not what I’m used to although I used to see people that came to our neighbourhood that time to entertain people and I really like them.
 I think it’s God’s plan for me.
I remember that while in school, there was this auditioning ‎in my school, I went for the auditioning for a movie titled MOREMI and I was selected. Infact I won the lead character role, which is Moremi herself.
How will you say the industry is fairing now?
Well, it’s not doing badly. It’s better than what it used to be. There are somethings that we can still improve upon.
I respect the female actors that have been there before me.
A lot of them are doing very well today but I say to myself that if driving big cars is all you have to show for your success, then I still don’t see that as anything.
A lot of we female actors are seen as packaged ‎prostitutes. Some men believe that since they are rich and they can offer money, they can always have their ways with us.
Well, I try to make a point that if you have been having your ways with others, you can’t have your way with me.
Is that to say you don’t like money?
Of course, I do. I like money a lot, that’s why I work a lot. But, the point is, for example if I want to ‎buy a car, I can save up and buy the car of my choice and so, why do I have to run after any man because of money?
I can afford all that I need so I don’t need to date a man because of money. If i want to date any man, it will be mutual, not because of any kind of gratification or inducement, no!
But the perception is that actors are not well paid, that’s why those of you that are female engage in other things to make ends meet?
I don’t agree agree with you. Look at me for example, I am new in the industry and by the God’s grace, I can pay pay my bills from my earnings.
So, what about the people that have been in the industry for a long time? See, it’s not as bad as you think. It’s a matter of contentment.
With the recent rise in your career, there will be alot of advances from men?
Of course, a lot outside and even inside the industry.
As a grown up lady you should expect that and you should also remember that no matter what the intentions are, you should be grateful to God that there is something about you that is attracting men.
So, what do you look out for in a man?
I love a man who has a vision and mission.
A man who is focused and determined‎, those are the things I watch out for in a man.
Of course, I like a man who can spend money on me and look after me. I like a man who is well dressed.
As a Muslim, are you keen on marrying someone of the same faith as yours?
No. I am not keen. I can marry someone from the other faith.
Are you in a relationship right now?
Tell us about him?
Well, I would not want to discuss about my relationship but all I can say is that it took me time before going into it.
Infact, it took me three years before bonding with him.
Have you thought of quitting acting at any stage?
Yes. I have. But I decided not to give up. And I also get encouraged by colleagues.
So what kept you going?
You know what? I just work. I work because I enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t think about the monetary gains attached to it.
What has acting taken away from you?
Acting has taken away a lot of things from me.
You see, acting is a profession which ‎does not allow you to combine any other thing with it.
So you don’t do anything aside acting?
Of course, I do but I have handed everything over to my mum to look after for me.
I have always been into the fashion business. When I was younger, I used to go to neighbouring countries to make my hair, on my way back, I will buy several things which I, in turn sell to people.
I have added hiring of party equipment to me chain ‎of business now.
I decided to hand over to my mum because I have to do other things coupled with the demanding nature of my job.
You are a model, how fashionable are you?
Well, I will say I am fashionable. But I won’t go to the extreme because I want to be fashionable.
I have an outfit that clothes me now. I wear basically their outfits.
What do you miss about your dad?
My dad was the one that always encouraged me to be an actress. He knows I read a lot, so he always tells me that I can write good script.
He was my everything. He broadened my knowledge about a lot of subjects. He taught me alot of things including fashion, there used to be this fashion insert tucked inside a newspaper in those days, my dad will always buy the newspaper because of me and give me the insert to read.
As a Muslim, he made sure I took Christain Religious Knowledge as a subject in school, that’s why I know so much about the Quran and bible today, I owe that to him.
He died seven years ago, I still miss him till today‎.
Let’s talk about Femi Adebayo; are you dating him or did you date him?
No, I didn’t.
But there are rumours that you did?
Well, it’s all rumours. Like I keep saying to people, if I were not to be Aisha, I would have also thought something is going on between this lady called Aisha and FM {Femi Adebayo} because of our closeness.
To be honest with you, FM and I are very close as in very very close. But what people don’t know is that he is even closer to my mum and sister than me. People notice our closeness because we are in the same profession.
Remember that he was out of marriage for a while, all through the period, I acted as a cover for him, I think that made people to just conclude that since we are not siblings and ‎we are of the opposite sex, then something intimate is going on.
Now, when I lost my dad, he was there for me all through, encouraging me and made me go through the process.
FM is my brother, boss and father. I like him so much, he is cool.
He is someone that will do you a favour without expecting anything in return.
A lot have been said about FM and I but I have decided that I don’t have any explanation to give anybody about how I live my life.
Whatever anybody says, it doesn’t change how I like and respect FM.
We know you love education a lot, are you thinking of becoming a teacher one day a thought?
Maybe when I’m more settled, I can but for now, it’s all about my career as an actress.
Tell us one surprise package you ever got from a fan?
There are so many but let me tell you just one. Someone got in touch with me and told me he will like to see me for a business proposal.
Relunctatly, i went there and to my surprise he brought me a box filled with beautiful things; from perfumes to clothings from America.
When i was leaving, he didnt even ask for my contact, he just left. Infact he left for America the following week. He did it with no string attached.
Till date i still leave a message for him once in a while to say hi so that i wont appear as an ingrate.
How do you see life?
Life is not fair. You just have to live your life‎.
Looking back at your life and career, what would you have to say?
I say Alihamdulilahi meaning thank God.
Who is Aisha Lawal?
Aisha Lawal is that nice tiny girl from Ibadan‎. When I am playing, i’m playing but when I’m angry, i’m blazing hot. {laughs}
What would you never be caught doing?
I can never be caught naked! Although, I can do swim suit but naked? No!
Not even bikini?
Well, if I’m paid a lot of money, I can consider that {laughs}
Where do we see Aisha in a couple of years from now?
Let me just say between 2015 and 2016, I relaxed a bit because of somethings I was going through but right now, i’m back and better.
My fans will be seeing lots of jobs that they will love from me‎. I mean jobs that are ahead of the ones they have seen me featured in in the past.
In a couple of years from now, I want to be married and have my own kids, have a big shop where people can find varieties to buy.

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