Mama Ade Catering Services Is A Dream Come True For Me – Elizabeth Robinson

Mama Ade Catering Services Is A Dream Come True For Me
– Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson is the Chief Executive Officer of Mama Ade Catering Services with head office in the United Kingdom and branches scattered round the world.
She caters for all kinds of guests; no matter which country they come from. People that have been part of her culinary skills not only continue to patronise her ‎but also give her referrals.
A proud OSUN CITIZEN herself, ‎in this interview, she explained to OSUN CITIZEN how it all started and how it has been so far.
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You left Nigeria at a time when the country was “very good”, why?
Well, you are right. The country was ok then, at least better off what we have now but just like other Nigerians, I left Nigeria at that time in pursuit of greener pasture‎.
You have been in Europe for about three decades, what has been your experience?
Europe is good in terms of exposure, basic infrastructure and other necessities of life. Although people go for vacation and all that but you have to work for whatever you earn. The government there is well structured and are always kept on their toes and made accountable to the citizens.
Europe is nice generally but like the popular saying goes, there’s no place like home.
Before going into the catering business, have you tried your hands in other kinds of job?
Yes. Different ones.
So, why catering?
Having tried all these jobs, my mind is still‎ fixed on catering. Whatever I do, catering is still always on my mind.
How did you get trained for catering?
I didn’t get trained. I think it’s a talent which God deposited in me. I am grateful to God for everything.
How did the catering business start?
Mama Ade Catering Services is a dream come true for me. While growing up, I always watched my mother while she made pastries, I actually started with pastries and expanded. Today, we cater for continental and intercontinental cuisines.
As a caterer who caters for the African community in Europe, how do you source for ingredients?
Some shops sell ingredients for African foods in Europe while I personally travel to Africa regularly to get my stuffs.
 How has the experience been so far?
It’s been encouraging. People appreciate what we do. Our client base is expanding. I really appreciate our clients a lot.
What’s the reception by your clients so far?
Let me use this opportunity to appreciate my clients once again. They have been more than awesome. A lot of them have been with me over the decades; from when I was selling food using make shift kiosk during African festivals in Europe up till now.
I thank them so much for their love and patronage.
You said you watched your mother as she made pastries while growing up, are your children also showing interest in catering?
Sure! My daughters are good cooks. One of them who is presently an undergraduate is already thinking of floating a restaurant ‎when she graduates.

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