IT HAS NEVER BEEN MY DESIRE TO BE A MUSICIAN – Ibadan based top juju artiste, Yinka Adonai



-Ibadan based top juju artiste, 
Yinka Adonai
Oyediran Yinka James popularly known as Yinka Adonai is no doubt one of the hottest juju artistes in the entire south western part of Nigeria, if not in the whole country.
This gentleman, a graduate of banking and finance from Osun state College of Technology, Esa Oke, although, is an “Ibadan boy” to the core, having lived in Ibadan for decades but he is a distinguished OSUN CITIZEN who hails from Ile-Ife.
In this chat with OSUN CITIZEN’s Executive Editor, Dotun Olanibi, he explained how his career started, the journey so far, why he believes so much in the law of karma, and many more.
Enjoy reading.
Your first name is Yinka but we all know you as ADONAI, can you tell us how you got the name ADONAI?
The name ADONAI is a voice from God.

How did your career in music start?

I started my career from my mother’s church in Ibadan about thirty years ago.
What made you choose music as your career?
Well, music is not what i wanted to choose as a career. I mean its not something i had in mind to choose as a career. What i can say is that, music is what i am destined to do for living.
Wow! So if music is not your choice of career, how did you eventually end up as a musician?
I have been playing musical instruments for alot of musicians for so long but it has never been my desire to be a musician.
Can you tell us some of the musicians you have played instrument for their bands?
Jide Ojo, Tayo Micheal, Daniel Ajayi alongside others.
What song or album will you say made you popular as an artiste?
All my albums have positive impact on my career as a musician.
How many albums have you released so far?
Seven in all; Signal, Promising child, Right choice, Praising mood, Doer Wonder, Law of Karma and My epistle.
Who is your role model in the industry?
All my colleagues are my mentors and role models both senior and junior.
Ok, which musician would you say his or her style has a great impact in your style of music?
Sir Shina Peters.
Your genre of music, is it gospel or juju?
Yes, its juju. I play juju music.
What will you say makes you stand out among your colleagues?
(Thinks deeply) You are the one who can say that this is what makes Yinka Adonai stand out (laughs). But i just think creativity makes me sound different from some musicians.
What are the challenges you face as a musician?
Well, about challenges, i see challenges as being normal for everybody who want to be successful.
Any regret being a musician?
No in Jesus name. I bless God for his faithfullness.
How do you see life?
I so much believe in the law of karma.
What is it about you and LAW OF KARMA. You even have one of the titles of your albums as LAW OF KARMA. Is it like you have been cheated or treated unfairly by someone very close to you in the past?
Yes, i have been treated unfairly by some people i trusted so much.
Kindly describe yourself in one sentence?
I am a cool headed and humble person.

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