Gospel Music Is For Both Believers And Non Believers -Gospel Music Artiste, Olufunke


Gospel Music Is For Both Believers And Non Believers

-Gospel Music Artiste,


Funke Farinde Echefu is one of the few gospel artistes in the music industry today doing gospel music the way it should be done; doing it strictly without any digression.

Her single; IF YOU KNOW ME BEFORE, produced by Bode Afolabi is enjoying massive airplay and downloads online, many thanks to the powerful lyrical content of the song.

This intelligent lady, who is also a journalist, and goes by the brand name; OLUFUNKE in this interview with OSUN CITIZEN told us how it all started, why gospel music is not only for believers, challenges in her chosen career and many more.

Enjoy the package.

When did you start singing?

I started singing at a very tender age just like most children would, but I started singing and understanding singing as a teenager.

What made you develop interest in music?

I developed interest in music as a growing child. I’m from a family of four and most evenings while growing up, we would gather to sing.

We taught one another how to appreciate music.  So music became a part of our daily living and routine and I have not stopped music since then.

People say gospel music is only for christians, do you agree with that?

Yes, I hear people say that gospel music is for only Christians and I laugh.

I laugh because according to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ,  he says “go ye therefore and teach all nations, spread the gospel light”. There are various ways to teach and music is one of them.

Gospel music is meant  for both believers and even non believers.

For non believers, it’s meant to show them the light and bring them to the fold.

So how will you describe gospel music?

Like I said earlier, the gospel is all about Jesus, so my choice of gospel music is out of my love and passion for the spread of the gospel of Christ through music.

I am an ambassador of Christ and my way of carrying out my duties as an ambassador is to sing.

What distinguishes you as a gospel musician?

Every gospel music minister has a uniqueness particular to him or her.  For some it’s the voice while for others it could be the charisma or style of delivery.

For me, it’s the energy and strength of my lyrics that distinguishes me.

What message do you preach with your songs?

The basic aim of my songs is to inspire people to praise and worship God and to encourage the broken hearted to trust God for His visitation.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?

Our songs are received from the place of prayer and the study of the word.  Most of the lyrics of my songs are written and arranged by my husband and instructor who has been a rock behind me.

Your single, IF YOU KNOW ME BEFORE is everywhere, when is the full album coming out and what is the title?

The Album is in progress. It’s titled ‘The Unveil Project’.



You are a journalist, now you are into music, are you dumping journalism for music?

Once a Journalist, forever one.  I’ve never at any point in time dumped Journalism and I don’t intend to do so.

I may not work directly with a media outfit but trust me, I’m still practicing.

As a practitioner, what are the challenges gospel musicians are facing today?

One of the numerous problems of the industry is the unwillingness of the media to help promote purely gospel music.

This has caused many originally gospel musicians to either compromise or switch to secular music.

Another problem is inadequate support.  There are many talented gospel musicians who have never and will never be heard because of lack of financial support.

What role are your family members playing in your career?

I enjoy unending support from every member of my family.  My husband is my number one fan and supporter. My mum and siblings are equally as supportive.

Who is your role model?

Evangelist Dr Bola Are is my role model.

What message do you have for your fans?

Olufunke is a product of Grace. Grace of God located me when I was not even deserving of it. And so to my fans,  accept Jesus into your lives today and enjoy this unending Grace.

How do you see life?

Life can be funny,  can be confusing,  worrisome,  tough and cruel but Jesus makes life meaningful and colourful. So the life that I live is not I that live but Jesus who lives in me.


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