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Olayiwola Adisa is one of the most talented artistes to have come out of Nigeria. He is someone you can refer to as an all round artiste; he is a singer, composer, producer, director, choreographer, lecturer, the list is inexhaustible.

Born into a family of entertainers, Lai Addis as he is fondly called is a distinguished Osun Citizen who hails from Ilobu but was raised in Ifon Osun.

His dad was an apala singer while his mum did well for herself as a waka singer.

It is on record that there is hardly any successful musician from any Yoruba-related genre of music like juju, apala, waka, fuji, dadakuada, adamo and even islamic and christian gospel that has not at one time or the other passed through Lai Addis.

In this interview with OSUN CITIZEN’S executive editor, DOTUN OLANIBI, he explains how his career started, inspiration, aspiration, experiences and many more.

Enjoy the interview

Why did you make music a career?Because I inherited it from my parents both of them were musical artistes. My Mother sings Waka and my Father sings Apala.

You created your own special music called GOJE, can you tell us about it?

Yes nice question.

If you listen to my music very well you will discoverd that my music is diferent from other music.

I decided to call it Goje music because its a special variety, different from others.

We all know that Evangelist Ebenezer Obey is your boss but you are closer to King Sunny Ade than him, why?

Evangelist Ebenezer obey is my boss and my Father. King Sunny Ade too is also my Father in this profession.

I relate with them as individual without favourtism.

Nobody that has ever come across you can deny your God given talent; you are a singer, producer, director, composer, choreographer, musicologist and a teacher, out of all this, which one do you personally thinks you can do best?

I give all the glory and lay all my trophies before the King of Kings, the giver of all gifts because he has given me the grace to perform all this at his own best.

With all these talents, you still remain ever humble and calm, how are you able to achieve this?

There is nothing good that does not come from God, if we all understand that, then we need to humble ourselves.

Some artistes get their inspiration when they sleep, some from the beach, some in the toilet, some at secluded places etc, How do you get your own inspiration?

I have no specific time and no specific place.

My inspiration comes from God and it comes on its own anytime, anywhere, any place.

A lot of your colleagues that started with you have long been forgotten, but your own case is different, you are still relevant, what’s the secret?

The God Almighty. The one that is seated on the throne that no one can overthrow is my secret.

Who is your role model of all times?

A Lot.

King Sunny Ade, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey , Admiral Dele Abiodun , Late Haruna Ishola , Late Yusuf Olatunji, Late Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti , Alhaji Jaigbade Alao Dadakuada music ilorin , that is in Nigeria.

In Africa, also I love the music of yousouf’Ndour, Salif Keita, Baba Maal, Habeeb Koite because I Love music that has to do with creativity.

And also my best friend of so many years Sir Shina Akanbi Peters. He is very very creative too.

Tell us one thing you still pray to God to achieve but that you are yet to achieve? To win a Grammy awards in Goje music international which is different from Nigerian Goje music.

Tell us one painful experience you had in your career that you will never forget and finally, your message to your fans who believe so much in you and have stood by you over the years?

I dont think have any painful experience because in everything that has to do with a huge success in life you have to pay your dues to achieve it , so whatever I pass through as bad experience in this my God chosen career I see it as lesson for me to attain my success so thats it. For my fans I love them so much, may God continue to bless them, they will not lack good things in the name of Jesus.

My special thanks also to my beloved benefactors worldwide.

Also, i appreciate all the management plus the publisher of Osun Citizen magazine led by Dotun omo Olanibi, may Almighty God continue to uplift u guys higher and higher in the mighty name of Jesus.

thanks .


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