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MY RELATIONSHIP WITH 9ICE, NIYI JOHNSON -Fast Rising Actress, Oluwawemimo Anike

-Fast Rising Actress, Oluwawemimo Anike
Agbebunmi Oluwawemimo Anike is one of the fast rising actresses in the Nigeria movie industry.
She has featured in dozens of movies acting alongside different A list actors. Some of the movies she has featured in includes Oba Alaanu, Cracked Wall, Talithakumi amongst others.
She is not only an actress, she is into music and modelling.
In this interview with OSUN CITIZEN, pretty Oluwawemimo, a product of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo state,  talked about how she started her career, male admirers, aspirations, her closest friends in the entertainment industry and other issues.
Enjoy it.
As a singer, which musician are you close to?
I have more than one. But to mention a few, i have BABATUNDE MIC ABEL AND YINKA JAMES OYEDIRAN (YINKA ADONAI), SUNNY MELODY,
As an actress, which actor are you close to?
I also have many but let me mention a few. I am close to ADENIYI JOHNSON, YEYE OGE TOYIN ADEGBOLA, KUNLE AFODUNRIN, TAIWO IBIKUNLE alongside others.
Let me take just two out of the people you mentioned; 9ice and Adeniyi Johnson, what is your relationship with them?
9ice is a good brother and someone I look up to, in fairness, his music has thought me a lot and I’m one of his die hard fans, even if he ends up singing with “agolo” I’ll still be loyal.
For Adeniyi Johnson, he is a cool, calm and a straight person, he is my boss, friend and thats that. I hold him in high esteem.
He interprets his roles so well that I wish to be like him some day.
When did you start singing?
I started since I was a little child. I remember my mother telling me that while I was a kid, if someone sings or hits the table drumming, I will start dancing.
So she realized I will definitely love showbiz when I grow up which I ended up loving passionately.
When did you start acting?
I think I got passion for that too. I started acting as a kid at the age of 5.
There was a kiddies show then that was running on GALAXY TELEVISION IBADAN known as PETER PIEPIE, even when I don’t wanna go, my mother will encourage me to attend, when they come home to pick me up to attend the shoot.
What about the modelling aspect?
Yeah,  I have been making moves on that for some time. I was called up for shoots when Co-opertive bank needed a model then, but i didn’t go because I was a little bit shy.
I later got out of that shell but i didn’t go eventually though.
I am still looking up to doing that because i am not shy one bit anymore.
What is your aspiration?
I aspire to be great and a good role model to younger ones. And to everyone that cares and support me, I’ll make you proud.
How do you see your male admirers?
Obviously for any female artiste, male fans she should expect and for any male artiste, female fans will be much more than male, that is the way it is.
In terms of that I dont have to get rude or nasty, i handle them well.
Remember they are admirers, and sure they don’t mean bad of me.
They admire me because they feel I’m worthy of that. And if they don’t get nasty, I won’t and if they do, I will just ignore them so I don’t over react and later regret my actions.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I wanna be a voice not an ehco.
I wanna be great for my kids family, friends and fans. I wanna be the talk of the street for good.
I wanna inspire the voiceless , either with my acting, voice which is singing, modeling and business wise and others.
And I still wanna remain me. I am me. I don’t wanna fake it till I make it.

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