The duo is alleged to have conspired to kill the day-old baby immediately after delivery by his mother, Oluwaseun Oyewole, and then hurriedly buried the remains.

A relative of the mother reported the incident to the police after discovering that the sister, who had just given birth, was without the baby. It was later revealed that the grandmother and the prophet had collaborated to kill the baby for alleged ritual purposes.

The prophet and the grandmother were subsequently arrested following a complaint lodged at the Isua police division.

The State Police spokesperson, Funmi Odunlami, confirmed the arrest, stating that the baby’s mother’s brother lodged the complaint.

Odunlami said, “The complainant said that his sister had been pregnant for 9 months and observed that she had delivered. When asked about the baby, she claimed the baby had died and had been buried with the aid of their mother without informing any family member.”

“The Police later arrested one Akinjise Ifeoluwa, aged 40, and Oyewole Margaret, aged 66, in connection with the case. In the course of investigation, it was discovered that her mother, Oyewole Margaret, entrusted her care to a native doctor named Akinjise Ifeoluwa, who also claimed to be a prophet.”

“The mother of the baby stated that she got pregnant for Akinjise, and on the day of delivery, her mother and Akinjise were constantly communicating through the phone. The Prophet ordered her mother to block the child’s nostrils to enable the baby to die.”

“The prophet said it is an abomination for the baby to be alive because it will lead to the death of the lady. The Prophet claimed she had slept with another man while pregnant for him unless her mother want to lose her after fourteen (14) days.”

“After she regained her strength, her mother informed her that the baby had died, and the baby and the placenta had been buried. However, when the purported place of burial was visited, neither the baby nor the placenta was found.”

The mother of the day-old baby, Oluwaseun, claimed that her mother and the prophet conspired to kill her baby for rituals. She accused her mother of forcefully taking her away from her former husband after bearing two children for him, under the pretext that he wasn’t taking care of her.

She mentioned that the prophet and her mother constantly communicated on the phone and conspired to kill the baby, with the prophet instructing her mother to suffocate the baby by blocking the nose.

She urged the police to question her mother and the prophet to explain the whereabouts of her baby.

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