OSUN POLL: Protest in Osogbo over alleged marginalisation of Osun West



Protest in Osogbo over alleged marginalisation of Osun West

The protesters numbering hundreds gathered at the popular Freedom Park in Osogbo as early as 8am, armed with banners and placards with various inscriptions that the senatorial district had not produced a governor in the state since the nation returned to democratic rule in 1999.

The protesters said they were ready to massively support any political party that fields a governorship candidate from Osun West, saying any party that fields candidate from other senatorial districts apart from Osun West would suffer electoral defeat.

Miftah said, “In the interest of fairness, equity and justice Osun West Senatorial District should produce the next governor of the State.

“That there is no way anyone can claim that there is no meritorious and competent candidate(s) for the governorship seat from the West Senatorial District.

“The political history of Osun at this moment has arrived at a juncture where it must necessarily see the convergence of merit, competence, equity, fairness, and continuity of the giant developmental strides as what is politically correct.

“Without regards to any political affiliation, this fact must be recognised that the best space for any political party to pick a competent, visionary and progressive-minded candidate from is the West Senatorial District.
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