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MY SHAMELESS WIFE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH OUR PASTOR – Divorce seeking husband tells court

A man, Wemimo Rotimi, has approached Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan,  Oyo State, stating that he was no longer interested in his 18-year-old marriage to his wife, Omolara, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Wemimo in his divorce suit stated that his wife was troublesome and always in the company of women of questionable character.

The plaintiff added that the defendant was having an illicit affair with their pastor in church and has refused to stop despite several interventions by leaders of the church.

Wemimo told the court he didn’t want his life to be cut short as a result of his wife’s immoral act. He thus prayed the court to end their marriage.

Wemimo also pleaded for the custody of the four children produced by their marriage so as to prevent them from being exposed to their mother’s indecent lifestyle.

Omolara agreed that their marriage be dissolved.

According to the defendant, she and her husband were not compatible and always at logger head.

Omolara stated that she would have been dead by now but for God’s intervention.

According to her, Wemimo apart from threatening her with knife and cutlass once poisoned her tea.

She refused that her husband has custody of their children, stating that he has no time for them.

Wemimo giving his evidence said: “My lord, my marriage to Omolara gives me no joy. I’m fed up with my wife and tired of our marriage.”

“Omolara is a troublesome woman. She raises dust over trivial issues and fights me.”

“She never takes to correction but will always find excuses for her misbehaviour.”

“My wife lacks the qualities of a virtuous woman. She embarrasses me by moving with women of questionable character. I have shown my displeasure at this and even counseled her, but she gave no heed to all that I said.”

“My lord, Omolara threw caution in the air when she started having an illicit affair with our pastor in church. Their shameful act is no more a secret in the church.”

“I reported both to the church council of elders who condemned in strong terms, their disgraceful act. But rather than end this relationship, they went deeper into it.”

“I came to court because I don’t want my wife to cut my life short. Living under the same roof with a promiscuous woman like Omolara is dangerous. Again, if I die our children will suffer.”

“My lord, I pray that you separate us and grant me custody of our children, because Omolara has never been a good mother to them. If they are left in her care, she will indulge them in her indecent lifestyle,” he stated.

“My lord, I’m ready to move out of Wemimo’s house. There is no point staying under the same roof with a man I find it difficult to relate with,” Omolara said.

“There is no peace in our home because my husband and I don’t see eye to eye. We relate like cat and mouse.”

“Wemimo still beat me this morning before we came to court. This is part of what I experience as his wife. He doesn’t care about my feelings. All he does is to beat me like a goat at every given opportunity.”

“My lord, my husband once attempted to poison me. I made tea and left it on the table while I lay on the sofa, resting.”

“Wemimo thought I was asleep. He watched me for a while and tip-toed into his room and brought out a substance which he poured into the drink. He left home after this.”

“I got up from where I laid and poured the drink away.”

“He was expecting to meet me wriggling in pain or even dead when he came back home but was surprised to find me looking hale and hearty,” the defendant added.

“My husband is violent. He threatens me with knife and cutlass. I always run for my dear life whenever he wants to attack me with these.”

“My husband of recent started threatening to snuff life out of our children by feeding them with food laced with rat poison.”

According to him, I will be forced to leave his house if all our children are dead.

“My lord, I appeal to this court to hear my husband’s prayer but grant me custody of all our children.”

“Wemimo has no time for them. If they go with him, they will surely suffer, “the defendant explained.

Ruling after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, adjourned the case and ordered both to return to court with their children and their parents.

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