WHY I LIVE A PRIVATE LIFE – Yemi Solade’s wife Hannah Mash

Hannah Mash is the wife of brilliant thespian, Yemi Solade. Beautiful and intelligent, yet humble and easy going. She is a multilingual mixed race, who shares European and African citizenship.

This shy mother of two, who rarely grants interview told OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; DOTUN OLANIBI why she prefers a private life, her style, beauty routine, being a wife of a public figure alongside other topics

Enjoy the interview.

People know you as a very private person despite being married to a celebrity, why do you like living a private life?

It feels good when you are comfortable knowing you can buy your akara or enter public transport without people tagging you.

You’re a naturally beautiful woman, do you have any particular beauty routine you want to share with us?

Honestly, I don’t have any special beauty routine.

Sometimes, when people hear your name, they are confused about your nationality, can you tell us your home town; paternal and maternal?

My mum is from Switzerland.
My dad is a Nigerian, from Calabar, in Cross River State. I am Efik. I am married and blessed with 2 kids; a boy and a girl.

You’re a very stylish person, what determines your style?

I wear what i am comfortable with and what is presentable.

If you have the opportunity to ask God for a favour today, what will that be?

More wisdom.

Being married to a busy celebrity, how do you manage the homefront especially when he’s away?

It takes wisdom and prayers.

What’s your favourite vacation spot and how do you relax?

My favourite vacation spot is Switzerland.
I listen to music and thank God for social media.
I Watch the news and also I am a fan of crime investigation discovery station.

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