Tope Onifade, the mother of the two girls reportedly defiled by their 48-year-old father, says her husband lied that it was dysentery that was in the children’s private parts after they were defiled.

But the husband, Femi, denied having carnal knowledge of the children.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Ondo State is investigating the case. The couple have been married for 11 years. The mother vowed that nothing will make her return to the marriage.

“My husband told me it was dysentery that was in our daughters’ private parts when I raised the alarm on what l saw”, she told investigators.

Tope claimed the children told her that their father inserted something into their private parts and also put his mouth into them.

“The day we had quarrel, my husband did not allow me to sleep in the house. I asked neighbours to beg him for me but my husband said I should go”, the mother narrated.

“He did not allow me take any of my daughters. I had to find somewhere to sleep. The next day, the neighbours called me to say one of our daughters cried all through the night.”

“It was the neighbours that begged me to come back home. I came back and in the night, I noticed something in one of the children’s private part.”

“I asked my husband and he told me it was dysentery.”

“I woke up the older daughter and asked her what was inside her sister’s private part. She said it was their father.”

“The children said their father used to put something inside their private parts.”

“I insisted on what exactly was being put inside their private parts and the children said their father threatened to beat them.”

According to the mother, the children said their father put his mouth in their private parts.

“When my husband noticed that I reported to my family, he went to the Deji of Akure’s palace and reported that he was being wrongly accused”, Tope said.

“We have frequent sexual intercourse. This thing has never happened before. The test showed both children have been deflowered”

She said she would not want her husband jailed but she won’t return to the marriage.

“I am not happy with what happened because of the future of the children.”

But the husband, while narrating his own story, said his daughters could have been defiled by an outsider.

“It is not possible for me to defile my children because it is a taboo in Yoruba land”, Femi said

He admitted that he used to have quarrel with his wife, a situation, he said, that made him to send her out the night he was accused of committing the act.

Asked why the children cried throughout the night, he said they were missing their mother.

The husband said he went to Deji’s palace to swear an oath if he was involved in the defilement of his children.

“I used to quarrel with my wife several times. We had a clash at about 11pm and, because of curfew, I didn’t want her to take the children with her. I insisted the children remain with me. My wife left and did not come back.”

“I went to her family to report and her family begged me. He said the wife came back two days later and asked him about what happened to the children when she saw their private parts. I saw that she had stripped them naked.”

“My wife accused me of sleeping with the children. I said I could not have done it because it is a taboo in Yoruba land.”

“I am not happy because I was accused of what I did not do. I went to the palace to swear an oath for people to believe me.”

“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. It is a lie. I cannot sleep with my children. The defilement could have been from outside and not me”.

He said he didn’t know about it until the wife saw something in the daughters’ private parts.

“The children were crying because they didn’t see their mother that night.”

‘My children used to cry whenever my wife and I are fighting. It was a neighbour that told my wife that one of the girls cried till day break.”

Femi swore for God to punish him if he knew anything about it.

However, spokesman for NSCDC, Omole Olufemi, said the suspect may be charged to court if investigation indicted him.

@ Vanguard Newspaper

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