LAGOS: MY WIFE SLEPT WITH TWO OF MY BOSOM FRIENDS – Divorce seeking husband tells court

Mr Dele Olaseni, a businessman, on Wednesday, prayed an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his  22-year-old marriage, on grounds that his wife, Esther was an ”unrepentant adulterer”.

”Adultery is in my wife’s blood. She slept with two of my bosom friends. She confessed and begged me, claiming that the devil pushed her to commit adultery.”

”She is currently having an affair with another man on Facebook. I downloaded their love chats and pictures on Facebook as evidence for her family because they always denied that she was wayward when  I complained.”

“When I investigated, I discovered that he lives in Ikorodu,” Olaseni, 53, told the court.

He said that Esther begged him to forgive her and promised to change after a clergy intervened in the matter.

“She wrote an undertaken that she will desist from her adulterous ways which was signed by her, myself and our pastor still she has refused to change, the petitioner said

He then presented to the court. pictures, downloaded chats and tape recorder as exhibit.

He also told the court that his wife was drunk.

Esther, a 44-year-old civil servant, consented to the dissolution of the marriage saying that she was also fed up with the marriage.

“My husband introduced me to alcohol, he always takes me out to beer parlor to drink and now I can’t stop drinking,” she said.

The respondent, however,  denied being adulterous claiming her confession which her husband recorded was obtained under duress.

She said that her husband always defamed her character by telling people who cared to listen that she was a slut.

The President of court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, adjourned the case until April 16 for judgment.

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