The Kabushi local court, Zambia has ordered a 42- year -old man to pay K4,500 damages for impregnating a 24- year- old woman after dating her for close to three years.

According to Zambia Observer, Mable Chitalu, 48, sued Davies Chilongaloka for deflowering her daughter and impregnating her.

Davies admitted before the court that he was responsible for the pregnancy saying that he started dating Greeness Chongo in 2019.

He said that while dating her daughter, Chitalu used to allow both of them get intimate in her house and it was at that point that she became pregnant.

In his testimony Davies told the court that he supported Greeness financially till she delivered.

He said a few days after delivering, Greeness’ family called him for a meeting where he was told to pay K10,000.

Davies said he told the family he could only afford K6,000 because he was servicing a loan.He also requested for some time to look for the money, but that Greeness’ family kept calling him and demanding for the money.

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