JIGAWA: How man who murdered wife, declared her missing was exposed after 2 years






How man who murdered wife, declared her missing was exposed after 2 years


For two years, 45 year old Mamman Rabiu Barau of Habatsa village in Gagarawa local government area of Jigawa State was moving freely in the community after he declared his 22 year old wife, Lamura Rabi‘u missing from her matrimonial home and could not be found since then. But as fate would have it, two years after Lamura’s mysterious disappearance, her elder brother, who was out in the bush to graze some animals stumbled on a piece of clothe belonging to his missing    sister from underneath the ground which has now exposed the secret buried by her husband.

Parading the suspect, Jigawa state commissioner of police, Mr. Bala Zama Senchi explained that Rabi‘u Barau, 45 years old of Habatsa village was reported by his wife’s brother of killing his spouse which led to the suspect’s subsequent arrest on July, 20, 2018.

Said he: “The elder brother of the missing woman sighted the clothe of his sister who got missing two years earlier in a shallow grave that was opened up as a result of erosion in the area”.

Speaking to Vanguard, the suspect, Mamman Rabiu Barau confessed to have killed his wife with stick by hitting her on the head and buried her in a nearby bush.

In his confession, he said, “we quarreled over tea which I gave to her and she poured it on the ground. When I asked her why she did that, she started insulting me and left for her parents’ place “Later, I followed her and caught up with her in the bush and    I asked her to follow me back home but she refused. I then started beating her with stick until she gave up. “I then went back home to pick a hoe, buried her there and reported to her sister that she was missing. That was what everyone believed until now when her clothe was discovered by her brother”, he confessed.

The commissioner said the case of culpable homicide involving Lamura by her husband, Mamman Rabi‘u was still under investigation and would soon be charged to court.

He therefore enjoined the citizens of the state to immediately report any dubious activities around them for prompt action.


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