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QUEEN AYO BALOGUN GLOWS AT 60 … The secret of her sexy figure





… The secret of her sexy figure 


Popular Juju music artiste, Chief Mrs Ayo Balogun known by her fans worldwide as Queen Ayo Balogun is without doubt one of the most successful and influential musicians in Nigeria at the moment.

A distinguishe OSUN CITIZEN, born Ayotunde Kofoworola Ogunlade in Ilesha, Osun State on December 10, 1957, she spent her childhood in Ibadan and had my primary education there.

A proper “church girl”, she was raised in Methodist Church, Agbeni, in Ibadan before moving to Lagos in 1972.

On getting to Lagos where her career in music started and of course still blossoms till date, she had her secondary school education at Benevolent High School, Martins Street, off Ojuelegba and Victory High School, Ikeja.

She didnt stop there, her quest for education and pursuit of knowledge in her chosen career made her continue. She took correspondent exams from London Royal School of Music and got a Diploma in Music.

After equipping herself with this educational and career knowledge, she started fully. At inception, she started as a Gospel musician and later switched to Juju music to expand her fan base. Although she still mixes her juju brand of music with gospel. Her band is known as Ayo Balogun and Harmonic Voices.




Her church girl upbringing has refused to leave her as she still finds time to play her role as a chorister at Cherubim & Seraphim Church (C & S), Ayo Ni O Parish.

On how she’s able to maintain her beautiful and sexy figure despite the fact that she’s spent six decades on earth, the very first ever female president of Association of juju musicians of Nigeria (AJUMN) has this to say:

“I give myself rest of mind. I always take things easy. When anything is bothering me, I go to the church and pray, i tell God about it. I don’t get angry unnecessarily. Regarding what i eat, i don’t joke with my vegetables. I dont joke with my health. These are the things responsible for my look at this age.”






– Dotun Olanibi

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