A Borno woman identified simply as Aisha has offered to sell her two-week-old baby for N1 million at the Akala drug zone, located in Fadeyi, Idi-Oro/Odi-Olowu, Lagos, Vanguard Newspaper reports.

According to sources, Aisha, who is known to be a drug addict, has resorted to extreme measures to sustain her addiction.

Aisha’s journey into drug addiction, as gathered, began when she was brought to Akala two years ago by an undisclosed person. She allegedly sold a car left in her care to fund her drug habit. Over time, she was said to be exhibiting erratic behaviour and often seen collecting plastics to sell for additional income to get drugs.

However, on the night of November 30, 2023, Aisha was reportedly delivered of a baby at a Redeemed Church near Surulere Girls Secondary School.

Kemi Oguns, a noodle seller, who aided the delivery, highlighted her acquaintance with Aisha and described the circumstances surrounding the birth.

Speaking with Kemi on her relationship with Aisha, she said: “I can’t say we are neighbours because I sell in front of my church and she usually passes by. She often asked me for food and I gave her without charging her. I have known her for over eight months. She does not beg for money but food only. I was aware of her pregnancy for about two months.

“On that Sunday night, I was busy with my noodle business around 10 pm when I heard a shout in front of my church, the Redeemed Church. I abandoned my business to assist her. Many girls from my area, who know her were already helping with the delivery of the baby when I got there.”

Regarding her struggles with drugs and addictions, Kemi explained: “I was told by a friend who hails from Kaduna, that someone brought her from Ikoyi to Akala, and she even sold her car.”



Kemi’s mother, Mrs. Jacob Mojisola, who is presently taking care of Aisha and her baby, spoke on her connection with Aisha.

She said: “I have known her for less than a year. It was my daughter, Kemi, who assisted her that night. Kemi informed me on Monday morning that somebody had given birth. The Pastor offered Kemi a room in the church to take care of Aisha and her baby.”

“Later, some people arrived, claiming to be from the baby’s family. However, we insisted they couldn’t just come and take the baby immediately after birth. I instructed my daughter to leave the church since the pastor was not present and she brought Aisha to my house.”

“Although before accepting them into my house, I suggested we report at Alakara police station. Upon reaching there, the welfare officials said it was not suitable to keep both mother and the child at the station. They invited me to Alausa. Upon arrival, instead of taking the baby from her, they gave it back to her. She began moving around the streets with the baby and returned to Akala, the drug zone, where she offered to sell the baby for N1 million.”

“The leader of Akala then invited us to come and take her, that the way the girl was treating the baby was not good. They told me to come and carry the baby and take care of her.”

Another advocate, Kenneth Obaraye, who handled a similar case last year, with Blessing Okon, a drug addict, who also gave birth in Ojuelegba, also said: “Information at my disposal is that Aisha’s boyfriend’s family lives around the ghetto and also sells drugs. Some people said that she’s a National Youth Service Corps member.”

Also, in an interview with a native of Kaduna State, who requested anonymity, Aisha disclosed that she was from Damboa Local Government of Borno State.

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