Sergeant killed as hoodlums invade three petrol stations in Igando


Sergeant killed as hoodlums invade three petrol stations in Igando

A police Sergeant was allegedly killed and several others injured when hoodlums stormed a filling station in Igando on the outskirts of Lagos. The incident happened at Dapsey Petrol Station near Igando Police Station in the night of January 28.

The hoodlums also  attacked two other gas stations on the LASU-Iba that fateful day.

According to sources, the robbers, who were confronted by the late Sergeant Akor, fled the scene and abandoned their  Honda Accord saloon car when their  bullets did not penetrate the cop.

But  the late Sergeant reportedly pursued the robbers in order to recover a service rifle they seized from his colleague, a Corporal, after shooting him.

Among those injured, The Nation gathered, were a soldier, a young woman and two others.

It was gathered that when the robbers entered the station, they went after a soldier and a policeman who stood beside a petrol pump.

They were said to have attempted to crush the soldier and the policeman with their vehicle.

A witness, Francis Adeleke said: “But the soldier and the policeman immediately ran. They were hit on their legs and they fell. The soldier also sustained face injury. The policeman’s rifle was taken away and the robbers started shooting indiscriminately.

“Stray bullet hit a young woman and some others. There was confusion and apprehension. As this was going on, Akor, who had earlier left the filling station, returned and confronted the robbers.

“He was not armed but he ran towards the armed robbers and they opened fire on him but the bullets did not penetrate and the Sergeant was shouting ‘you no fit! You no fit!’.

“When the robbers noticed that their bullet wasn’t penetrating, they fled the station and took the police rifle they seized.  Akor pursued them to recover the police rifle but he never returned.”

It was gathered that  Akor’s body was found about 30 minutes later at O’Mark Bus Stop by the station manager, Tijani, who led some of his subordinates in search of the policeman.

The robbers, it was gathered, killed Akor with the service rifle that was seized from his colleague..

Akor’s body has been deposited in a morgue and   the robbers’ abandoned vehicle moved to the police station.

The injured  Corporal is in an undisclosed hospital.

According to the gas station owner, the late Sergeant’s bravery  prevented the robbers from invading his office.

He condemned the  Igando Division for allegedly not responding to the station’s    distress.

The command’s spokesman, Chike Oti, a Superintendent of Police (SP), said it was untrue that the robbers attacked three filling stations.

He said: “Some armed robbers in a Honda Accord came into Dapsey Petrol Station, ostensibly to rob but the attempt was foiled by policemen on duty at the filling station.

“The armed robbers drove hurriedly out of the filling station when the attempt was foiled. The gallant policeman gave them a hot pursuit and in the process, they shot and killed him.

“A number of arrests has been made in respect of the incident and investigation is ongoing. It is not true that the Divisional Police Officer (DPO)  did not respond to the distress call. The DPO was alerted and he mobilised, alerted his men on the route possibly taken by the robbers.



– The Nation

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