DANGER ALERT: Adeboye’s Hometown, Ifewara Prone To Earthquake!


DANGER ALERT: Adeboye’s Hometown, Ifewara Prone To Earthquake!

As reported by Vanguard Newspaper in September this year, some places in Nigeria have been marked red and may experience earthquake any moment from now, which may lead to the loss of lives and destruction of properties if drastic steps are not taken.

One of the affected places is Ifewara in Osun State, the hometown of the highly respected man of God who is the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye…

The report is being presented here “Experts, warned Nigerians to brace up for more earth tremors, following a resurgence of the phenomenon at Koi, Kaduna State, the second in 24 hours.

A seismologist, Professor Alexander Lar of the Department of Geology, University of Jos, said Nigerians should brace up for more earth tremors and probably an earthquake.

He said: “We will see increased frequency of earth tremors occurring and Nigeria stands the risk of having a big earthquake because the system is dynamic.

“We do not know what is happening in the sub-surface but we know it is evolving everyday, so there is a possibility that things like this could happen.”

Lar said the area where the tremor took place must be within the so-called Basement of Nigeria, adding that this could have occurred along some areas that had not been found yet.

“We do not even know. We know that we have major lineaments, just like the one in Zungeru within the basement where you have two slabs, one sliding and movement is taking place,” he said.

According to him, earthquakes occur at places called faults where the jagged edges of two tectonic plates grind against each other.

He explained: “As the tectonic plates move in slow motion, sometimes two grinding plates suddenly jolt into a new position and the energy released by this movement creates an earthquake. So earthquakes result from the release of energy along faults.”

Areas prone to earthquake in Nigeria

Lar listed areas prone to earthquake in Nigeria to include the fault systems (zones), including the NNE-SSW trending fault systems cutting across Ifewara, Zungeru, Anka and Kalangai linking up to the Atlantic Ocean fracture systems.

According to him, it is a zone of concern and the areas at the proximity of these fault systems are at risk of earthquake/tremor.

He said the Lagos-Ibadan-Ijebu-Ode fault system was another belt where an earth tremor was witnessed in July and August 1984, stressing that these fault systems could serve as a zone of weakness for the propagation of shocks from far away plate boundaries.

He said other zones of potential seismic risk were the Cretaceous Benue Sedimentary Basin and the adjacent Jos-Biu-Longuda plateaux.

Lar noted that Nigeria was located in a so-called stable Pre-Cambrain–Paleozoic age Basement terrain, believed to be seismically safe.”

While the federal government and Osun state government are expected to nip this impending doom in the bud as soon as possible, one can sincerely hope that “Daddy GO” as Pastor Adeboye is fondly called can intercede in terms of prayers.


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