FRAUD: PDP to Aregbesola; Explain N2.3 billion liability on dredging/flood control


PDP to Aregbesola; Explain N2.3 billion liability on dredging/flood control

The South West chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has challenged the Osun State governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola to explain how he incurred a liability of N2.3 billion on dredging of streams in the state.

A statement signed by the Legal Adviser of the party in the South West, Otunba Sunday Ojo-Williams, said the challenge became necessary following Aregbesola’s disclosure of this fact in his 2018 budget speech at the House of Assembly a few days ago.

“Aregbesola in his budget speech listed N2.3 billion as arrears on dredging/flood control which he transferred to the 2018 budget. We challenge him to explain how this liability was incurred. This is especially so since it is public knowledge that the APC government in Osun State got N1 billion for the same purpose in 2017 from the Ecological Fund.

Even if Aregbesola was going to dredge all streams in the state including Rivers Osun and Oba which are the largest in Osun State from their sources to their end, the N1 billion he got would be more than enough. Curiously, he is now transferring a liability of N2.3 billion to 2018 on jobs which we are sure were not done.

“We ask him to list the projects executed with the N1 billion Ecological Fund he received and the other projects that led to this curious liability of N2.3 billion.

“We also ask the State House of Assembly to stand, for once, with the people of Osun State by asking Rauf to explain this strange liability of N2.3 billion on dredging/flood control and other egregious contents of his 2018 budget,” the PDP said.

The party also said Aregbesola should stop comparing his regime of profligacy and pains with PDP’s seven and half years of positive contributions to the wellbeing of every citizen of the state.

“It is public knowledge that through the financial recklessness of the APC regime of Aregbesola, not less than N2.39 billion is deducted from source every month from the allocations of the state. That is the sole reason workers receive half salary and every home in the state is in pains of hunger. For every worker and pensioner that dies due to non-payment of pensions and wages the blood is on the head of every functionary of this APC government who spent today’s money yesterday, on questionable projects at indefensible costs,” the PDP stressed.

The PDP which said it would no longer keep quiet also promised a daily update of the people of Osun State on “how their lives were ruined by the APC government through borrowings, execution of white elephant and, even, non-existing projects.”

When contacted, APC’s spokesperson, Kunle Oyatomi said “the PDP and Ojo Williams are being mischievous. They lack knowledge of the nitty gritty of governance. They will just pick an issue and be asking themselves questions on it.”




– Nigerian Tribune

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