How minor, 14, was gang-raped at Mile 12, Lagos– IPO


How minor, 14, was gang-raped at Mile 12, Lagos





An Investigating Police Officer, ASP Adeyemi Adewale, on Thursday told an Ikeja High Court how a 14-year-old minor was gang-raped by three teenagers in Mile 12, Lagos.

The accused persons are Femi Olusanya,17; Jubril Yusuf,16; Wale Oluwanifemi,15; and Wale Badejo, 32, were charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a child in 2013.

Badejo is charged with defilement.

Adewale, attached to the State Headquarters, Ikeja, was led in evidence by Mr Akin George, a state prosecutor.

He said that he was posted to Ketu Police Station on June 6, 2013 where he was assigned to investigate a case of defilement transferred from Mile 12.

“I collected the statements of the complainant, her mother and the four defendants under caution.

“The complainant was dating the first defendant (Olusanya), her mother, displeased with the relationship, had on several times warned the first defendant to stay away from her daughter and had even reported him to his boss.

“Olusanya was doing an apprenticeship with a generator repairman at the time.

“On May 30, 2013, the girl was going to school and she saw Olusanya on her way, he beckoned to her and took her to the home of Yusuf, his friend, and had sexual intercourse with her.

“After Olusanya had had carnal knowledge of her, his friends – Yusuf and Oluwanifemi took turns to have sexual intercourse with the minor,” he said.

He said a video clip of the illegal act was recorded on Olusanya’s mobile phone by the teenagers.

On Badejo’s role, Adewale said, “The next day, the fourth defendant (Badejo) approached the complainant, asking her what happened the previous day.

“Badejo threatened her that if she did not want him to report the incident to her parents, she had to ‘settle him with sex’ adding that when he is ready for her, he will call her.

“On June 4, 2013, on her way to school, Badejo accosted her, took her to a house in Mile 12 and had carnal knowledge of her.

“He threatened her that on no account should she tell anyone what transpired; if she does, she will be killed and her corpse thrown into the carnal.”

During Adeyemi’s testimony, George sought to tender the statements of the four defendants as evidence.

Objecting, Mr Victor Okpara, the counsel to the defendants, said that the statements of defendants were obtained by the police under duress.

Following Okpara’s objection, Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye, ordered a trial-within-trial to determine the voluntariness of the statements.

During the trial-within-trial, while being led in evidence by George, Adewale testified that the four defendants gave their statements willingly to the police.

“They were not threatened, coerced or given a promise that they would be set free if they admit to committing the offence,” the policeman said.

He said the offence contravened sections 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos, 2011 and 212(5) of the Child Rights Law of Lagos State, 2007.

Justice Ipaye adjourned the case until Nov. 1 for continuation of the trial-within-trial.




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