Federal Government commends Aregbesola for infrastructure in Osun

Federal Government commends Aregbesola for infrastructure in Osun

Fed Govt hails Aregbesola for infrastructure in Osun

The Federal Government yesterday praised Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola for improving learning atmosphere in schools.
Minister of Education Adamu Adamu, who was represented by Prof. Kamoru Olayiwola Usman, at the opening of new high schools, said the Federal Ministry of Education is proud of the governor’s efforts.
Thousands of pupils officially began learning at the Ataoja Government High School in Osogbo; Wole Soyinka Government High School, Ejigbo; Osogbo Government High School and Adventist Government High School in Ede with an opening ceremony that happened simultaneously at the four venues.
The minister also lauded Osun for realising that education can only thrive in an environment that is conducive, saying education should not be limited to a situation when a person can only read and write, but how such person can impact positively on the larger society.
He held that Osun would enjoy the seed being sowed by the present administration with the building of the state-of-the-art schools across the state.
“If we want to forestall what happened in Ife, we must continue to educate our people by making sure that we build more schools with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning,” the minister stated.
The governor, in his opening address, noted his administration has redefined the architecture and environment of quality education.
According to him, each school has four principals with three superintending over 1,000 pupils each, and an overall senior principal.
It is standard that each school has 72 classrooms of 49 square-meters, each capable of sitting 49 pupils”.
“It has six offices for study groups. It is also equipped with six laboratories, 48 toilets for pupils and another eight for the teachers, one science library, one arts library, facility manager’s office, a bookshop and a sickbay.
“Other facilities are the senior principal’s office, three principals’ offices, a bursar’s office, three general staff offices, a record store and security shed/reception. They are all fully furnished. The schools have borehole and power transformer.

Meanwhile, while conducting members of the Standing Committee of  the Nigeria Guild of Editors led by its President  Mrs Funke Egbemode  on tour  of a socio- cultural entertainment park named after the late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Governor Aregbesola said that “Our economic blue print for the state is majorly  predicated on the presence and  availability of pristine historical cultural heritage and ecotourism assets which God Almighty has blessed the state of Osun with. We had taken a cultural-tourism inventory of the state and devised strategy of not only enhancing them but branding them properly for economic emancipation of the people & He disclosed “We knew and understood the import of tourism as a powerful economic tool and a potent instrument to fight poverty. We have studied  and know how countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Jordan, even Ghana have been able to utilise their tourism assets  not only in effecting economic blessing on their people, but on the countries”.

Governor Aregbesola said “Yes, we have the tourism assets, the people, the culture, we have Osun Osogbo, we have the festivals, we even have the Water falls two of such in a town called Oke-Ila Orangun, another one in Erin Oke called Olumirin  with seven falls, spectacular, the drums, the arts, your remember the impact of Ulli Bier and late Susan Wenger, the Mbari Mbayo Art movement, and the festivals, Osun Osogbo, Sango in Ede, Oya, Ogiyan,  But  we realised for all these to grow beyond the primordial level, we must put in place the fundamental facilities and  infrastructure even if we cannot at once rehabilitate, uplift and directly enhance these sites”.

He revealed “We agreed that we shall develop and enhance these centres. But we must do the fundamentals, first, creating a conducive atmosphere of peace where security of lives and property is guaranteed. We are happy that we achieved this through the grace of almighty Allah. We agreed also that for tourism to blossom, the people and particularly the stakeholders should not only understand the import of tourism as an economic activity, but must also appreciate that they have roles to play. We did this as we successfully mobilised tourism stakeholders in the state both traditional  religion practitioners, tourism agents and promoters, arts, artistes and artist connoisseurs  who were exposed to seminar, talks and enlightenment engagement  on the their relation to cultural tourism in the state. It is in furtherance of this that we trained some citizens in the art of tour and tour guiding”.

Aregbesola added “It may interest you to know that one of the propellers and what actually actuated our propensity at embarking on massive infrastructural development in the state is our desire to make Osun State the most desirable destination in Nigeria. You will definitely agree with me that availability of good road network is essential for cultural tourism development. You should also know that apart from information network, majority of investors to a state or country visit the state or country first as a visitor and one of the first amenities they consider is the road network and security, Thus our resolve to ensure that peace and tranquillity reign in the state and  embarking on road construction and rehabilitation is primarily economic and lubrication of the tourism sector .We are happy that these two are being achieved and we have been witnessing the planting of new hotels of intercontinental rating, restaurants, the numbers of bank branches are swelling in the state, good bukas are springing up, tourists are daily flocking to Osun State and my people are making more money”. These are testimonies of the effect of what we have been able to do”

Ogbeni Aregbesola who conducted  Mrs Egbemode  and her entourage round some of the projects  explained at the “the November 27 Bridge’ that  the bridge   was purposely planted there first   to prevent the loss of lives occasioned by  motorists approaching the highway directly not through interchange  and also as a tourist delight.

“Everything which we are implementing in the State of Osun is centred and situated in the people, the masses and their economic growth”.

He disclosed that the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park is to serve as a platform for educational, socio-cultural, tourism, entertainment, historical melting pot for visitors and indigenes.

While taking the NGE delegation to the historical part of the park where the statutes of eminent Nigerians who have contributed to the development of Yoruba land and Osun State are mounted, the entourage saw a young man who sat on one of the park’s benches reading a book and this ensued.

Governor Aregbesola; Young man, how are you?  What are you doing here?

The boy was calm, cool and collected and did not even stand up.

“I am ok sir. I am here to read.”

Governor. I am sorry to disturb you. I am only curious to find out your mission here.

“I find this place good enough for me to read. And I have to commend your government for this. At least, I am a benefactor of this park”.

Getting to the Historical arcade, where the busts of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, late Chief Bola Ige, Chief Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu are mounted, Governor Aregbesola said, “We are immortalising these personalities based on their immeasurable contribution to the development of Osun state in particular and Yoruba race in general .”

He hinted  ‘‘we are not only planting their busts, we are also going to plant beside the busts in scrolls some of their notable achievements for posterity”.

Governor Aregbesola who said that “his  coming into the history of the state of Osun is neither by accident nor chance pointed out that it motorists deliberate act borne out of conviction that he must add value to his  state, his  people and its resources. ‘‘Hence, I do what I do with the best intention and for the best interest of the people”.

He revealed “I am a bird of passage who realised the import of history and posterity on my acts, deeds and action. I have the mandate of changing the socio-political, economic and educational face of thestate of Osun from a parlous state to an exemplary status enviable by other states of the Federation. This is the task that is being done. Will be done and shall be done”.

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