Sola Allyson-Obaniyi’s Exclusive – WHAT PEOPLE DONT KNOW ABOUT ME:… “I don’t follow trends and I don’t copy others ideas”

“I don’t follow trends and I don’t copy others ideas”
-Sola Allyson-Obaniyi
Getting hold of Sola Allyson-Obaniyi for an interview is not an easy task. She has her hands full, which is typical of an artiste of her status.
As busy as she is however, this lady, a professional musician, a product of the prestigious The Polytechnic, Ibadan in Oyo state, who without doubt has one of the best voices in Nigeria, if not the whole of Africa still took out time to honor our interview appointment.
An interviewer’s delight, there is never a dull moment with this naturally beautiful mother of three who is in her fourties but still looks young and elegant.
In this exclusive interview with OSUN CITIZEN’s Executive Editor, Dotun Olanibi, she took us through her much talked about show tagged “An Evening With Sola Allyson”, being a wife/mother/artiste, people’s perception of her and her genre of music, plus alot of other things people dont know about her.
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First of all, let’s start with your much talked about show; “An Evening With Sola Allyson”, tell us about it, from the stage of bringing forth the idea to the stage of making it a reality?
An Evening with Sola Allyson was inspired on my heart in 2009. I believe it is a project that needed to go through a gestational p‎eriod as regards my growing into what exactly I was made to be.
I got the inspiration, but it was for an appointed time. I needed to learn more and get to the point where I have the real message I need to pass to my world. Within those seven years, I evolved into the Woman, the Singer I am now.
I have a grip now on exactly why GOD Gave me this gift, where I belong and the message I have to pass across.
The grace of The Almighty brought people my way who saw to the actualisation of that dream. It was not the regular ‘show’ or concert. I cannot put into words the exact description of the effect of the event on my destiny and on others who came.
It was held on 30th October 2016 at the Agip Hall of MUSON Centre in Onikan Lagos.‎ It was a thick atmosphere of worship. It happened for cleansing for some, created consciousness for some, illuminated dark areas in some, help for us all.
There’s always this controversy about Sola Allyson’s genre of music. Can we be clear on it here and now if Sola Allyson is a gospel or inspirational singer?
I am a Singer, nothing else. Whether you call it gospel or inspirational, I leave it to the listener to decide. I only make sure that whoever encounters my works is drawn closer to GOD. I have a message for my world, as many people as could identify with and understand what I do. I am a Christian, a Singer.
As an entertainer, do you have a set of people you can or you can not entertain?
I am not an entertainer in the real sense of the word. I am a Singer, Musician, but my music does not just entertain but also transforms. It might not be completely understood yet, but I know I don’t belong everywhere.
Apart from Church events, I also do social events like weddings, birthdays, and so on‎, but as you’re entertained, your spirit man is being helped.
From Ejiowuro, up till now, people still wonder how you derive your inspiration for different songs in your different albums, what can you say about this?
Basically, it is the Grace of GOD! I cannot clearly explain it myself. I just see that it’s happening and I’m getting more established and fulfilling purpose without any “gra-gra”.
Being humble about the gift or platform one has a‎nd staying close to the Giver of the gift Is very important.
It is not about how it’s popular but about staying focused on how you’re exactly given.
I don’t follow trends and I don’t copy others’ ideas. I learn from everybody but I go back to The Source where I’m helped to sieve, sift and segregate.
To some people, Sola Allyson is too strict and arrogant, to some, she’s their role model regardless of the kind of view anybody has about her, can you please tell us who the real Sola Allyson is?
By our fruits, we shall be known! When you are someone on a mission, and you’re adamant about staying focused with all the distractions in this industry and the world today, you could be misunderstood at the beginning. However, as time goes by, when the vision becomes clearer and you have positive results, it becomes better.
By the way, let us look around, how many result-oriented and successful people wait for what everybody thinks about how they approach their destiny? Pleasing everybody and doing what people “like” is one of the problems of those who had “shined” in our industry. I appreciate the love of people and I am always humbly grateful for this far I have come, but stay focused on the reason for the platform I’ve been given. Principle and discipline are very important.
Do you think there’s a misconception or lack of understanding about your kind of person? If so, what can you say about this?
I don’t think so.  Those whom I am sent to would appreciate me‎. I am not perfect. Noone is. We all are growing. But then, as much as we try to juggle and improve on some things, principle and discipline must not be overlooked so that you could be liked.
My fruits are showing my identity, where I belong, Whose I am, time is telling, and time shall still tell the more!
Singing must not be synonymous with being frivolous and irresponsible. Life is governed by principles!
Is there anytime you have thought of quitting music?
Let’s get a bit personal; your husband is an OSUN CITIZEN, you have been married for years, you are into showbiz which attracts a lot of noise, on the other hand, he’s a quiet and easy going person, with your experience In marriage, would you say marriage is a smooth union and what advise do you have for people getting married?
Be honest, brutally honest with each other. Be committed to getting better. Hold on to godly values, they cannot be improved on. Surround yourselves with positive people.
Work on yourself personally on self-improvement, in order to make yourself constantly “sellable” to your partner. Be generous with affection and attention. Amongst other things!
Tell us your happiest and the most embarrassing day in your entire career?
There are lessons to be learnt in every day that comes and every moment we experience. What we need to do is be sensitive to what lesson to be learnt.
 I know you to be a very private and reserved person, how do you handle fame?
What I do does not define me. I am a Woman, Wife, Mother before seeing myself as a ‘famous’ person‎. I live life as a normal human being but conscious of my place as a Princess in Creation.
 I also know you to be close to some top shots in the society, yet, you don’t do show offs, how do you maintain your calmness?
When we know the reason why we have the privileges that we enjoy, we are guarded against abusing them. It’s all a privilege.
Not about what I know to do, just Grace.
You have numerous fans and followers all over the world, what message do you have for them‎?
I am humbled. Honored. We shall all be more Helped! It shall keep getting better!
What is your aspiration and what should people be expecting next from you?
Woman who shines GOD’S Light in all I do, who draws people to HIS Side by my life as a whole.
 If given the opportunity, what would you like to change about yourself?

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