Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned for judgment,  the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Amudatu, against her husband, Mufutau, on the grounds of irresponsibility, physical assault, theft and disownment, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Amudatu stated that Mufutau had been jobless since the outset of their marriage and that she was the one feeding him, their children, and the children of his second wife.

Amudatu said the reward she got for her kindness was severe beatings from her rival and her children.

The plaintiff told the court that the defendant was indifferent to her plight.

According to her, he never restrained his second wife from insulting, mocking, and fighting her.

Amudatu added that Mufutau added to her woes by beating her in the presence of her rival, thus ridiculing her.

The plaintiff said that the defendant later sent her packing, after which he disowned their children.

Amudatu explained that Mufutau broke into her room, ransacked it and stole her documents, clothes, and some other properties after she had left.

She entreated the court if her prayer was answered to grant her custody of their children in order that she could give them adequate care.

Mufutau agreed that their union be dissolved.

According to him, he had actually thrown her out of his house before she came to court.

The defendant refused that the plaintiff had custody of their children.

He stated that she had frustrated every effort he made at seeing them.

Amudatu, in her evidence, stated: “My husband has never been gainfully employed since I have known him.”

“He lived on me throughout the years we were married. I automatically added his roles in the home to mine.”

“Despite being jobless, he still went ahead to marry a second wife who became a thorn in my flesh.”

“I fed my husband, our children, and my stepchildren from proceeds of my business, but all I got as a reward were insults from my rival.”

“She refused that peace reigned in our home and was always ready to fight.”

“She and one of her children once beat me to a pulp after an argument, but my husband, to my chagrin, said nothing about it.”

“He added insult to injury by beating me blue black in the presence of my rival and later sent me packing.”

“He also told me he has disowned our children.”

“My husband broke into my room after I had left and stole my documents, clothes, and other valuables.”

“I entreat the court to grant me custody of our children because my husband lacks the wherewithal to care for them.”

Mufutau told the court, “The greatest mistake I ever made was that of getting married to my wife.”

“We met and got married through a go-between, and I paid her bride price.”

“I decided I was no longer interested in staying married to her after I got fed up with her atrocities and ordered her to leave my house.”

“She has continually frustrated all my efforts at seeing our children.”

“She took our children to her parents who kept giving different dates and days I could see them, but they always denied me access to them.”

“I bought them clothes for the Sallah celebration, but she refused that they wore it.”

“My lord, I pray the court to rule that she grant me access to our children any time I want to.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard both parties, adjourned the case for judgment.

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