We often think we don’t pick our family, but adoption makes it possible to choose who you want to form a family with.

Adoption is the legal process of choosing another person’s child to bring them up as your child.

Here are ten valid motivations to want to choose adoption.

Infertility Solution

Overcome infertility and embrace parenthood through adoption. People embrace adoption as an alternative to overcoming the ability to have their biological children.

Desire for Single Parenthood

Women and men of different ages and social statuses decide to fulfil parenthood desires without the necessity of marriage or pregnancy.

Prevent Genetic Disorders

Adoption is a safe option if you have any genetic disorders you don’t want to pass on to your children.


Gender Selection

For a family or someone who wants a particular child gender that is difficult to have biologically, adoption is a good option to fulfil such parental needs.


Guaranteed Alternative to Infertility Treatments

For many people who are trying to have children, treatment plans like IVF do not always deliver the desired result, at least not immediately. The option to go for adoption offers a more certain and reliable path to parenthood.


Assistance for Underage Parents

You can also consider adoption as a way to aid teenager(s) facing difficult or unplanned parenthood challenges by adopting their child.


Provide a Home for Orphaned or Neglected Children

Fulfil the desire to offer a loving home to orphaned or neglected children.


Avoid Pregnancy Complications

Sidestep potential health risks and complications by adopting instead of risking pregnancy.


Establish Long-Standing Relationships

Build enduring connections with adopted children or young adults.


Fulfill Personal Dream

Embrace adoption simply because it aligns with your long-standing dreams and goals.

While motivations for adoption include all ten listed, they are not limited to this. Consider speaking to an agency for more information. Regardless, adoption is a reasonable way to form and expand your family.

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