A housewife, Shakirat Ayinla, has pleaded with an Area Court at Centre-Igboro in Ilorin, Kwara State to grant her prayer for divorce on the grounds that their two-year-old marriage was childless.

Shakirat told the court that her husband, Jimoh, no longer loved her.

“I have made up my mind over this matter. I want divorce,” she told the court.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Jimoh told the court that he still loved his wife in spite of the fact she was yet to give him a child.

“We were living together peacefully until sometime in July, when she requested to travel to the North, to visit her sister after her business collasped.”

“I allowed her to go and I kept in touch. I sent her feeding allowance regularly. I was shocked to hear from a reliable source that she was back in Ilorin and refused to come home.”

“I called her to confirm, but she denied it.”

“She later confessed that she returned four weeks ago and that she didn’t come home because she was tired of our relationship.”

“I pleaded to see her and she later gave me audience.”

“She told me she was tired of the childless state of our marriage and that she wanted divorce”, he said.

He told the court that he begged her to stay, but that she insisted on leaving him.

Jimoh said he also visited her in her parents’ house, but that they denied being in the know of her intention to divorce him.

The presiding judge, Malam AbdulKadir Ahmed, stated that the court would advice that the couple try and settle their dispute.

“The court will not force any party to remain in a marriage,” he said.

Ahmed adjourned the case till November 30.









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