A motorcycle rider, Abdullahi Adamu, has said he became involved in kidnapping following the tragic murder of his father by armed robbers.

Adamu and 30 other suspected criminals, including nine kidnappers, were recently paraded by the Ondo State security outfit, Amotekun, in the state capital of Akure.

According to a Vanguard report, Adamu said: “I decided to be a kidnapper because of destiny. I don’t have a father anymore. My father was killed by armed robbers years back.”

“After his death, life became difficult for me and my siblings. Our mother could not take good care of us. Surviving became extremely difficult for me and my siblings. So, I decided to join the kidnapping business.”

Adamu, who is from Katsina State, stated that this was his first time participating in such an operation before being apprehended by Amotekun personnel.

Meanwhile, Bello, a farmer, recounted his terrifying ordeal when six armed men unexpectedly approached him while he was praying at his home in Akunnu-Akoko. They physically assaulted him with a stick and demanded that he accompany them into the forest.

He said: “I was fed with small quantity of garri without water for five days before I was rescued by Amotekun Corps.”

“Some of them were carrying guns and they asked me to follow them. They led me into the forest. They later contacted my family asking for ransom so that they could release me.”

“I was later rescued from them by men of the Amotekun Corps, when they wanted to collect the ransom brought for them for my release.”

Speaking on the arrest, the state commander of the security outfit, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, confirmed that the suspects were apprehended while attempting to collect the ransom. Adeleye mentioned that his team, pretending to be family members of the victim, captured three of the suspects when they arrived for the payment.

He added: “The three that were arrested led us to other six suspects. So, we arrested nine of them and they’re going to be charged to court soon.”

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