Grade  A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till June 6, judgment on the divorce  suit brought before it by a woman, Tawakalitu Hassan against her husband, Ganiyu Hassan who she accused of irresponsibility and  constant assault.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant did not stop at beating her, but also tore her clothes to shreds, leaving her stark naked.

Tawakalitu further said that her husband wrecked her business as a result of his reckless lifestyle.

The plaintiff told the court she wanted the defendant out of her life and thus prayed for divorce and custody of two out of their four children.

The husband, Ganiyu agreed to divorce stating that he was also no longer interested in their marriage because his wife was a slut.

He pleaded with the court to grant him custody of their four children who were presently in his care because his wife was wayward and not a good example to them.

Tawakalitu giving her testimony said, “I started living with my husband after he impregnated me while we were dating.“

“He took no gift to my parents. Neither did he pay my bride price. Ganiyu took to beating me from the outset of our marriage. He was never satisfied with whatever I did and was always complaining and shouting on me.“

“I left him and moved to my parents’ house after we had our second child because he refused that I had rest of mind. He came to beg me and I agreed to go back to him after much consideration.”

“We had two other children after I returned to my matrimonial home, but Ganiyu rather than change got worse. He went from beating me to tearing my clothes to shreds and leaving me stark naked in the presence of our children and neighbours.“

“My husband was never there for our children. He didn’t know how they fared and gave no attention to their education. I was feeding the home and meeting every other need because my husband passed the bulk of his responsibility as breadwinner to me.“

“He wrecked my business as a result of his lackadaisical lifestyle and I started living from hand to mouth. I moved out of his house a second time with a vow never to return because he had made a mess of my life.“

“My lord, Ganiyu over stepped his bound the day he beat my father blue black after I was separated from him. My husband is ruthless. I cannot live under the same roof with him again. I, therefore, plead that the court stop our relationship, grant me custody of two out of our four children, while he’s free to pay them visits on Sundays. I beseech the court to make him responsible for their upkeep.”

Ganiyu responding said, “My lord, my wife has no shame. Tawakalitu has embarrassed me enough. I, therefore, support the dissolution of our wedlock. My wife is a liar. She moved in with me after we held an introduction ceremony and I paid her dowry. Tawakalitu’s way of life is contrary to that of a virtuous woman. She has failed to be a good example to our children.“

“My wife turned me into a source of ridicule in our neighbourhood as a result of her wayward lifestyle. She brought shame to me and my family as a whole. I now move around with my head bowed. Tawakalitu was dragged home late in the night by OPC men watching our neighbourhood. According to them, they caught her and another man romancing each other in a school compound near our home. She moved out of my house after this incident because it was obvious that our marriage had come to an end.“

“My lord, I pray for the custody of all our children, while she can have access to them whenever it pleases her. She left them with me when she was leaving and I have been taking good care of them. Tawakalitu will lead our children astray if they are left in her custody. They will live a worse life than hers.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard both parties, adjourned the case.

@ Nigerian Tribune

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