A woman, Victoria Adetayo has dragged her husband, Michael Adetayo before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State accusing him of cruelty and verbally assaulting her.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant once dealt with her brutally and damaged one of her eyes.

She added that he was in the habit of keeping late nights.

Victoria told the court she no longer loves her husband and thus implored the court to end their relationship.

Michael did not come to court despite being served court summonses.Victoria in her testimony said: “My lord, my marriage to my husband was traumatic. I never enjoyed a moment of it which was my reason for coming to court. I lost my peace the day I got married to my husband. My experience throughout the years we lived together was harrowing. My husband is cruel and was never nice to me. He was emotionally detached and treated me with disdain. Michael always sought for an excuse to fight me. He would raise dust over trivial matters and end up beating me.”

“He has a caustic tongue and is never mindful of his utterances. He was fond of using unprintable words at me and this always had effect on me both emotionally and psychologically.“

“My husband kept late nights and had a string of lovers. This was one of the reasons our marriage didn’t work.“

“His lovers took his attention away from me.“

“Michael, not minding that our neighbours were already in bed when he returned in the deep of the night would raise arguments and turn the whole compound upside down as he fought me.“

“My husband once beat me to a pulp and refused to let me go until he damaged one of my eyes for complaining about his wayward lifestyle.”

“He later ordered me to leave his house.“

“My lord, I am battered and wounded. I do not love my husband any more.“

“I implore this honourable court to put a stop to our relationship.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo after she heard the plaintiff adjourned the case till May 8 and ordered that a fresh hearing notice be issued and served the defendant.

@ Nigerian Tribune

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