Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has ordered a DNA test to be conducted on the three children of a divorce seeking couple, Alhaji Lukman Shittu and his wife, Fisayo Shittu, Nigerian Tribune reports.

The court gave the order so as to unravel the mystery surrounding the paternity of the children.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, on hearing this, ordered both parties to go for a DNA test in order to ascertain  if truly the three children were Lukman’s or not.

She ruled that “The DNA tests shall be jointly funded by Lukman and Fisayo.

“The result which is confidential shall be forwarded by the medical centre to the registrar of this court.”

She thereafter adjourned the suit till May 2 for presentation of DNA test and further hearing.

Fisayo in her evidence said, “My husband is irresponsible and a threat to me.

“Lukman lured me into getting a loan from a micro finance bank on his behalf under the agreement that I would use it to establish a business, but he refused to make a refund.

“My husband runs after everything in skirt. He has no regard for me. He brought his lovers to our matrimonial home not caring how I felt.

“He was in the habit of raining curses on me and calling unprintable names any time I showed my displeasure at his misbehaviour.

“He called me a slut and went as far as casting doubt on the paternity of our three children.

“My husband humiliated me and turned me into a laughing stock among other co-traders where I sold my wares.

“Lukman in order that he might turn me into a pauper, demolished the shop which I furnished with my money. He ruined my business.

“He threatened to stab me if I refused to pack out of his house.

“He turned a deaf ear to the pleas made by my family members and his to allow peace to reign.

“I finally moved out of his house since he refused to heed both parents’ pleas for peace,” the plaintiff said.

In his testimony, Lukman stated that his wife started riding a beautiful car soon after she packed out of his house in 2021.

Fisayo lied that her relative gave her the car, but after investigating, I got to know that the same man she had been sleeping with for long bought her the car.

“This man worships in the same mosque with me.

“My lord, I am not convinced our children are mine. I might have been raising another man’s children all these years.

“My lord, Fisayo started misbehaving when I was unable to give her money to rent a shop.

“She was always coming back home from work late. The more I complained the worse she became.  I later threatened to lock her out if she repeated the act.

“Fisayo had the guts to challenge me. She moved out of my house with our three children.

“She changed our last child’s school without my knowledge and turned our children against me.

“Our children swore they would never regard me as their father.

“Our first child refused to spend his holiday at my place, while our second child declined my request of having him stay with me during the last Ramadan period,” he concluded.

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