A couple, Busayo Oyediran and Stephen Oyediran, has appeared before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Busayo, who dragged her husband to court alleged that he didn’t love her and he refused to take her along when taking some important decisions in the home.

Busayo further accused Stephen of being diabolic, stating that he made incisions on their children’s head, not sparing their last child who is a sickle cell patient.

She also stated that he did not trust her.

According to her, her husband denied responsibility of her second pregnancy and became harsh towards her.

She also said that he accused her of dating her boss whom he sent threat messages.

Busayo added that Stephen later threw her out of his house last year and took custody of their second child, a seven-year-old male, by force and put him in the care of one of his siblings and denied her access to him.

Busayo told the court that Stephen was not interested in their children’s education and that he didn’t know what classes they were.

She stated she was no longer interested in their marriage and entreated the court to end it.

She further pleaded that the court put all their children in her custody, but make her husband responsible for their upkeep.

Stephen agreed that their marriage be dissolved.

The defendant said that he made a costly mistake getting married to the plaintiff.

Stephen explained that his wife constantly flouted his order.

He also stated that she was unfaithful to him, adding that she dated a neighbour of theirs and that she was presently having an affair with her boss who got him arrested by the police who put him in their custody for two days.

Stephen further said that his wife had no respect for her parents and that she once abused his mother.

The defendant denied that he was irresponsible.

He told the court he took care of their children to the best of his ability.

According to the defendant, he always sent their children feeding allowance, while he and the plaintiff were both responsible for their children’s education.

The plaintiff in her testimony explained that: “My husband made my life miserable for the years we lived together because he never loved me. He has made the institution called marriage no more appealing to me.

“Stephen initially denied paternity of our second child because he doesn’t trust me. Frustrated, I threatened to abort the pregnancy. He agreed the child was his only after I put to bed and he realised he took after him.

“He apologised to me and I forgave him.

“He accused me of dating one of our neighbours and my boss at work whom he consistently sent threat messages.

“My husband refused to take me along when taking important decisions that had to do with our home. He always called me a witch.

“He didn’t inform me when he took a loan to buy a car. Neither was I aware that he bought a piece of land and laid the foundation of his house.

“I was both shocked and angry when he finally told me. But again, I forgave him and gave him my support,” she stated.

Busayo further said that, “My husband is irresponsible. He refused to make the welfare of our children his priority. He neglected their academics and never bothered if they ate or not.

“Stephen is also fetish. He made incisions on our children’s head not minding that our last born is a sickle cell patient.

“My lord, my husband suddenly informed me one day that he was no longer interested in our marriage. According to him, our spirits do not agree.

“To show he meant what he said, Stephen threw out my belongings.

“I rented another apartment but he refused to give our children feeding allowance. He also made the payment of our children’s school fees my responsibility.

“He requested that our children spent their holiday with him and I obliged him. But he refused that our second child return to me.

“He took him to live with one of his siblings outside town and refused that I had access to him.

“The only time the two children in my custody got something from him was during last year’s Christmas, when he sent them N3,000, one small bowl of rice, two chicken laps, bread, biscuits, sweets and ankara fabric.

“My lord, I also do not love my husband any more. I wish to move on with my life.

“I, therefore, pray this honourable court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our three children.

“I also entreat the court to restrain him from coming to harass or threaten me at my place of residence or work place,” the plaintiff pleaded.

Stephen in his evidence explained that: “My lord, the greatest mistake I ever made in life was to get married to my wife.

“Busayo loves flamboyant lifestyle. Her plan was to have an elaborate wedding when we were to get married but our pastor warned us against it.

“My wife is unfaithful to me. She was once caught entering a neighbour’s room wrapped in a towel.

“I asked her what she wanted in another man’s room wrapped only in a towel and she explained that she was on her way to the bathroom when she heard our neighbour having a brawl with his girlfriend.

“According to her, she ran to the scene to mediate in their differences.

“I held my peace although I was not convinced.

“Our marriage started experiencing crisis after she was employed in a school as a teacher.

“Busayo took to returning home late because she always stayed back in school with her male boss.

“The more I warned her against this practice the worst she became.

“I instructed her not to attend her boss’ party in Ondo, but she flouted my order, went and was there for four days,” the defendant stated.

Stephen added that, “My wife has no respect for my parents. She made my mother uncomfortable when she came to help take care for our second child. She once abused my mother till my  mother cried.

“Busayo not satisfied called my father on phone, threatening to send me to jail.

“I asked her why she felt I should rot in jail and she shouted on me. She also rained curses on me.

“I decided that day that I have had enough of her misbehaviour. I packed out her belongings from our apartment and left them on the corridor.

“She rented an apartment opposite her boss’ house and I kept sending her money and our children’s needs.

“I stopped sending her things when she accused me of threatening her life.

“My lord, Busayo came to my office with the children to create a scene. Her plan was to have me sacked.

“My bosses mediated in our differences and admonished that she moved back to my house but she refused.

“She insisted we enroll our first child in a private secondary school and I told her I couldn’t afford the fee when she showed me.

“Her boss got me arrested by the police after I sent him a text message to stay clear from my children. I was kept in the police custody for two days.

“I was served a court summon after I was released,” he said.

The defendant further explained that, “Busayo lied that I’m irresponsible. I have been fully responsible for the welfare of our second while we both share responsibility of the other two.

“Busayo accused me of being diabolic, but failed to mention that I once prepared her a black soap worth N10,000 which she used when she was constantly feeling pains in her stomach,” he concluded.

Ruling after she had heard both parties, the court president, Mrs S. M Akintayo, ruled that defendant allow their second child spend the weekends with the plaintiff and adjourned the case till March 31.

Both were advised to maintain peace

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