A couple, Rufiat Kamorudeen and Bode Kamorudeen recently appeared before Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State on the account of the latter’s alleged  irresponsible act.

Rufiat who dragged her husband to court complained that he was self centered.

The plaintiff gave an instance of when she attended a function a few months after she had their first child and came back home fagged out.

According to her, Bode, despite noticing how tired she was still demanded for sex, but that she refused him.

Rufiat stated that her husband got angry and beat her to a pulp.

The plaintiff told the court that the defendant always sought                                                           every opportunity to beat her.

She stated that Bode’s younger brother and friend on two different occasions interfered in their marital crisis and beat her blue black.

The plaintiff added that she once got fed up with her husband’s irresponsible act and reported him to the police.

According to Rufiat, Bode took their six-month-old baby from her to an unknown destination after beating her for refusing him sex.

She explained that her breast became heavy and painful because she couldn’t breastfeed the baby while she became worried after her husband refused to return the child.

Rufiat also stated that Bode later abandoned her and their children and moved in with his mother.

The plaintiff told the court that she didn’t want to go further in her marriage to her husband and therefore prayed the court to end their relationship.

She further asked for the custody of their children, but entreated the court to make her husband responsible for their upkeep.

Bode refused that their marriage be dissolved.

The defendant said that the plaintiff was unfair to him.

Bode explained that he spent all the proceeds from his business on Rufiat, but that she kept  finding fault in all that he did.

He stated that his wife wanted to leave him because his fortune had dwindled and that she has met a rich man she wanted to marry.

Bode added that his wife was adulterous and was always receiving calls from her lovers.

According to him, one of them bought her asbestos to roof her shop and he went to the man’s place to collect them, not knowing they were lovers.

Bode stated that their secret was later revealed to him.

The defendant told the court that his wife once stripped herself naked and rained curses on her.

Rufiat stated thus: “Bode is self centered and ruthless. He cares only about himself.”

“He never bothered about my state of health and believed I must make myself available any time he wanted sex.”

“I once attended a function when our first child was a few months old. I returned home tired and weak, but to my surprise, my husband still demanded for sex and I declined.”

“Bode got mad and beat me to a pulp despite my plea that I was tired.”

“My husband neglected me and our children. He left me to feed and clothe them with my meager income and this regularly led to a brawl between us.”

“Bode’s younger brother and friend on two different occasions, while meddling in our marital affair, almost beat the life out of me. They had the effrontery to beat me because they knew my husband placed no worth on me.”

“My lord, Bode and I once had a misunderstanding and he took our baby who was then six months old   from me. He disappeared with the baby.”

“Scared that the worst could happen, I made a report at the police station.”

“My lord, by the time Bode surfaced the following evening, my breasts had become swollen and painful because I wasn’t able to breastfeed our child.”

“I was at his bed side throughout the time he was on admission in the hospital after he had a motor accident, but he became mean to me after he was discharged.”

“My husband never stopped accusing me of infidelity and would beat me till I bled.”

“I moved out of his house with our children when it became glaring he was not ready to change, but we made up again after our parents mediated in our differences.”

“My lord, my husband without informing me, abandoned me and our children and moved in with his mother.”

“According to him, he could no longer afford the rent.”

“My lord, I have rented a place of my own. I, therefore, appeal to this court to end my marriage to my husband and grant me custody of our children because he has no time for them, ”the plaintiff said.

“My lord, I don’t agree to divorce,” Bode told the court, saying “Rufiat and I have misunderstanding every now and then in our marriage because she loves to dictate the tune.”

“I did my best to please my wife. I spent all the proceeds from my business to take care of her but she never appreciated my efforts.”

“Rufiat wants to leave me now because she knows my fortune has dwindled and she has a rich man she is planning to marry.”

“My wife was always receiving calls from her lovers. Anytime they called her, she would abandon whatever she was doing and dash out.”

“One of her lovers once bought her asbestos for the roofing of her shop. I went to this man’s place to collect the asbestos not knowing she was dating him. Their secret was later revealed to me.”

“Rufiat took to cursing me. She would strip herself naked and rain curses on me,” the defendant concluded.

Ruling after he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their union and granted custody of their children to the plaintiff.

The defendant was ordered to be responsible for their upkeep, giving education and healthcare priority.

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