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A woman, Kadijat Abass, recently approached Oja Oba/ Mapo Court Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying it to separate her and her husband, Ibrahim Abass, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Kadijat’s major complaints against her husband on irresponsibility and battery.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant, who was supposed to be the head of the family, was  rather a figure head.

Kadijat explained that Ibrahim was indifferent to her survival and that of their children.

She added that he cared less about their children’s education and was not bothered if they went about naked.

The plaintiff said the defendant was in the habit of borrowing money from her but would always renege on his promise to back.

Kadijat explaining her husband’s uncaring attitude towards her stated that she once took ill and was in bed for days but that her husband cared less if she died.

She stated that Ibrahim to her chagrin gave her only N100 to buy drugs and that when she complained, he collected it back from her.

According to Kadijat, the only things Ibrahim was interested in were his bleaching cream and fashion items.

The plaintiff stated that any time she complained, the defendant would go irate and beat her to a pulp.

Kadijat further told the court that Ibrahim was in the habit of buying goods from her mum’s shop and that he would not pay, adding that he also borrowed money from her but refused to pay.

The plaintiff stated that she was tired of her husband’s atrocities and therefore entreated the court to end their relationship.

She also begged the court to grant her custody of their children because her husband had failed to give them the necessary attention.

Ibrahim agreed that their union be dissolved. According to him, his wife was a pain in the neck.

The defendant stated that his wife was troublesome and always at logger head with him and other members of his family living in the same family house with them.

Ibrahim added that Kadijat was violent and in the habit of fighting him with dangerous objects.

He explained that the last time they had a misunderstanding, she drew a knife at him.

Ibrahim stated that he could have been a dead man by now if he hadn’t taken to his heels.

He added that at another time, his wife slapped his mother during a heated argument.

The defendant further added that his wife dealt with him in deceit.

Shedding light on this, Ibrahim explained that Kadijat hid the truth from him that she already had a child for another man before they met.

He said he learnt of this from people who were non family members.

The defendant stated that a woman with such characters was dangerous to live with.

Kadijat in her evidence told the court that, “The greatest mistake I ever made in life was getting married to my husband.

“Ibrahim places no value on our marriage, while he treats me and our children with no worth.

“My husband daily brags that he is the head of the home, but he’s just a figure head.

“Ibrahim contributes nothing towards the running of our home. He knows how to make babies but fails to take care of them.”

“My lord, my husband does not give me and our children feeding allowance. I have therefore taken the feeding of our children as my responsibility.”

“In addition to this is the clothing of these children. My husband doesn’t care if they go naked.”

“I hardly ever have enough money on me because of the demands of the home. I have a thousand and one things calling for my attention on daily basis, but I’m limited by fund just because my husband is irresponsible.”

“My lord, while other men are pumping their resources in their children’s education, Ibrahim has refused to give a dime in this regard.”

“The more these children advance in their studies, the more money I pay as fees, but Ibrahim has failed to give us his moral and financial support.”

“My lord, the only things that interest Ibrahim are his appearance and fashion.”

“Ibrahim constantly complains of paucity of fund, but will always buy the latest clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.”

“Ibrahim has no shame. He loves to be the admiration of people, while our children always appear wanting.

“My lord, to worsen things, my husband took to bleaching.

“Ibrahim spends his income on bleaching creams. He knows the different creams used for bleaching and has them in his possession.

“The more I complain of this shameful practice, the more he beats me, ”the plaintiff said.

She went on, ”My lord, I repeat that my husband has no shame. He buys goods from my mum’s shop but will refuse to pay. He’s gradually running my mother into debt.

“Ibrahim is bent on denting my image. I hid nothing from him about my past. I told him I was a single parent when we met and he agreed to still go on to marry me. But I was surprised to hear him tell everyone that cares to listen that I hid this information from him.

“I am tired of living with a man who lacks dignity. I am no longer interested in our wedlock.”

“I, therefore,  appeal to this honourable court to separate us, “Kadijat stated.

Ibrahim giving his evidence said, “My lord, I am also tired of Kadijat and our marriage. I want her to leave my home, ”Ibrahim said.

“Kadijat is a troublesome woman. She fights me and every other person living with us in the family house non-stop.”

“She once fought my mother and slapped her. I threw her belongings out of my house after this but her father begged me, promising that she would change and I took her in again.”

“My lord, rather than change, Kadijat grew worse. She took to fighting me almost every day.”

“My wife gets violent when angry and fights me with dangerous objects. The last time we fought, she drew a knife at me. She would have stabbed me if I had not taken to my heels.”

“My lord, Kadijat is deceitful in nature. She kept it a secret that she already had a child for another man before we met.

“I learnt of this from people who are non family members, “he concluded.

Ruling after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their wedlock and granted custody of their children to the plaintiff.

The defendant was asked to be responsible for their upkeep, giving education and health care priority.

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