A husband of Ndola , Zambia,has told the court that he decided to inspect his wife’s private parts after catching her with a lover but found her with no underwear.

Harrison Mwila, 37, testified how he trailed his wife, Ester Zimba, 34, to a lodge and found her drinking beer with her boyfriend.

Giving evidence in a matter where he sued Ester for divorce, Harrison said he suspected that his wife had been making love with her boyfriend when he found them drinking beer at the lodge.

This is what prompted him to inspect Ester’s private parts for evidence, but he discovered that she was not wearing an underwear.

The court heard that Ester had instead put the under garment in her handbag.

Facts before the court were that Harrison sued Ester for divorce in the Kabushi Local Court, Zambia on grounds that she was promiscuous and he no longer put up with her.

“Your honour, even though I did not find the two in a room, I knew that they had just had sex because her underwear was in her bag and I wondered why,” he stated.

Harrison told the court that his wife would on several occasions  come home late.

On one instance, he locked her outside, forcing her to return to her boyfriend.

“We were separated for one year and three months, but we reconciled because I wanted us to keep our child. But she has continued seeing the same man she goes out with,” he said.

Harrison added that his wife had been seen at bars and lodges with her boyfriend many times.

He said the pair has continued cheating on him despite reporting his rival to the police and getting him detained.

But in defence, Zimba said she started going out with her lover when she was on separation with her husband.

She said her husband begged to reconcile with her so that they could both look after their child when he learnt that she was dating someone else.

Ester admitted that she never stopped seeing her lover after reconciling with her husband.

According to her, Harrison beat her up when he found her drinking beer with her lover at a bar and got away with her underwear.

Ester alleged that her husband also has a girlfriend who has called her on several occasions, asking her to stay away from her man.

She added that Harrison is a violent man who also insults her most of the time.

Harrison, however, denied undressing her at the bar, saying Ester grabbed her underwear by force.

She said her husband had intentions of marrying another woman, hence fabricating stories about her.

Passing judgment, the presiding magistrate, Besa Mushibwe, sitting with Barbara Changwe, granted divorce with no compensation to either.

@ Nigerian Tribune

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