A man, Azeez Busari recently begged Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve the four-year-old wedlock between him and his wife, Kaosara Busari.

Azeez in his divorce suit accused his wife of disrespect, disobedience and frequent attacks on his person.

Azeez told the court Kaosara was hostile and rude to his family members.

The plaintiff apart from complaining about his wife’s violent and destructive nature, further added that he never enjoyed sex with her. According to him, he always felt pain in his lower abdomen any time they had sex and this he said caused him discomfort.

Azeez explained that the defendant’s behaviour had caused him much disaffection and anguish and thus hampering his health.

He earnestly prayed the court to dissolve their union and grant him custody of their only child so that he could raise her properly.

The wife, Kaosara agreed to divorce accusing her husband of irresponsibility and unfaithfulness.

She explained that Azeez never told her he already had four wives before marrying her.

Kaosara added that he again married two other wives after her.

The defendant prayed the court to put their child in her custody because Azeez never cared about her welfare.

Azeez, giving his evidence, explained that, “My lord, I regret turning a deaf ear to the warnings I was given by people who knew Kaosara well that she’s a devil in disguise.”

“Kaosara pretended to be an angel for the short period we courted and I was blind to her faults.”

“My wife started displaying her true nature immediately we got married.”

“Kaosara decided to flout my orders. She became defiant and would ask that I did my worst any time she misbehaved.”

“She infuriates me when she does this but I have learnt to caution myself and apply restraint in order not to commit murder.”

“My wife is in the habit of keeping late nights. I have shown my displeasure at this but she has refused to change.”

“The more I let Kaosara understand that such a practice doesn’t befit her as a married woman, the more she engaged in it. She cares less about her reputation.”

“I again called her attention to the dangers of moving around late especially as a woman but she remained adamant.”

“My lord, I took it as my responsibility to lock the doors and gates to our house when it is dark since the society is no longer safe, but my wife took an objection to this. She insisted that the doors must be left open until she returned. We have fought over this many times.”

“Kaosora sometimes took the law into her hands. I receive much complaint from our neighbours who say they keep sleepless nights because my wife is always hitting and forcing open the padlocks on our gates with iron rod.”

“Kaosara being a destructive person will sometimes break the louvers on the windows with a cutlass and jump into our apartment.  She has destroyed quite a number of my property as a result of her recklessness.”

“My wife always pushes me to the wall at moments like these and we will end up fighting.”

“A few weeks ago, Kaosara challenged me to a fight after we had a heated argument. She went for two long sticks and gave me one of these and raised the other against me. She would have hit me with it if I didn’t dodge her,”he said.

The plaintiff added that, “My lord, I know my life is no longer safe since my wife now keeps late nights. Kaosara is obviously having affairs with other men.”

“I suspect she has been infected by a strange disease as a result of her promiscuous lifestyle. I no longer enjoy sex with her because anytime I did, I experience pain in my lower abdomen.”

“Kaosara has been unkind to my family members.  She is always rude to them and treats them with disdain.”

“My wife insisted that the presence of my aged father who was sick was disturbing to her and thus ordered him to vacate our house.  My father feeling humiliated, left in tears.”

“My lord, my mind is made up on divorce. I can’t bear with Kaosara’s atrocities any longer.”

“I also plead for the custody of our only child. I want to raise her and inculcate in her the right value,” Azeez  begged.

Kaosara responding stated that, ”My lord, I can’t wait to be out of Azeez’s house and life.

“Azeez dealth with me treachously. He deceived me into marrying him.”

“My husband hid the fact that he had four other wives from me. I had already moved into his house before I knew this. Azeez not satisfied, married two other women after me.”

“My lord, Azeez filled his home with women but he failed to take care of us. I doubt if my husband knows the number of children he has because they are many.”

“I work round the clock to ensure our child lacks nothing which is one of the reasons I return home late. I trek home most nights after leaving my shop because we live in a remote area which makes transport service unavailable after a certain time, ”the defendant explained.

She further said that, “I never disrespected my father in-law. I can’t remember ever being rude to him,” she stated.

Delivering judgment, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, dissolved their union and awarded custody of the only child produced by their marriage to the defendant.

He ordered the plaintiff to pay a monthly allowance of N5,000 to the defendant for their child’s  feeding in addition to being responsible for her education and other welfare.

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