Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Oja Oba, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 22 year-old marriage between a man, David Adetula, and his wife, Remi Adetula, over quarrels and constant fight, Nigerian Tribune reports.

David told the court that he did not enjoy his marriage for a day since he got married to his wife because their home brought him no peace or comfort.

The plaintiff explained that his wife was in the habit of nagging. According to him, she was always finding fault in all that he did because nothing pleased her.

David stated that Remi was always shouting on him and addressing him rudely.

He added that his wife has usurped his position in the home and now dictates the tune.

He further said that any time he insisted his wish must prevail, Remi would fight him.

David stated that Remi extended his hostility towards members of his family, friends and even those in their neighbourhood. He explained that she fought these on regular basis.

According to the plaintiff, he decided to marry another wife in order to curb his wife’s excesses but to his chagrin, rather than change, Remi got worse.

David told the court he was fed up with their union and that he was not ready to go further in it.

He, therefore, begged the court to put an end to their relationship.

Remi opposed the suit and appealed to the court not to put an end to their marriage.

David in his evidence said,”My lord, I appeal to this court to end my marriage to my wife today. I enjoy no peace or rest in it. All I have been experiencing is humiliation and distress.”

“Remi finds nothing good in me and all that I do. She complains day in and day out.

“My wife raises dust over trivial issues and refuses that peace should reign.

“Remi has usurped my position in the home and refused that I have a say in its running.

“She addresses me rudely and shouts on me even in the presence of our relatives and friends.  Any time I insist that my wish must be carried out she will fight me.”

“Remi not only fight me, she fights my family members and friends. She has no respect for no one including my parents.

“At some point, I locked up our house, forced Remi to return to her parents’ while I took our four children to live with my brother, but this didn’t change her.

She extended her shameful and hostile behaviour towards those in the neighbourhood too. Remi turned me into a laughing stock in our neighbourhood.

“I took another wife to curb Remi’s excesses but again to my surprise rather change, Remi’s behaviour grew worse.

“I dread going home after working hours because our home is always hot.

“My lord, I have thought things over and I have come to the conclusion that the dissolution of our marriage is the best solution to all my pains,” the plaintiff stated.

Remi responding said,” My lord, I have nothing to say than to plead that our marriage be not dissolved.”

“I love my husband and can’t bear to be separated from him.

“Again, if we go our different ways our children will suffer and I detest such,” she said.

Delivering  judgment, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje dissolved their union and granted custody of their first three children to the plaintiff and the last to the defendant.

He ordered the plaintiff to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N5,000 as the child’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for her education and other welfare.

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