A couple, Sam Mayowa and Janet Mayowa, have appeared before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Sam who dragged his wife to court alleged that she was in the habit of slapping him any time they had a misunderstanding.

Sam told the court his wife told him he hated him and thus threatened his life.

The plaintiff told the court his life was no longer safe with his wife. He, therefore, prayed that it stopped their relationship.

Janet refused that their marriage be dissolved.

She explained that her husband was having an affair with one of their church members who happened to be her friend.

Janet explained that her husband neglected her and their children but was paying the school fees of this woman’s children.

Sam, giving his evidence said, “My lord, my wife has humiliated me enough. I no longer have a say in our home because she has no respect for me.”

“Janet has refused that I have peace of mind. We are always at loggerheads and this results in a fight at the end of the day.”

“My lord, my wife will beat me blue black and slap me in the face several times.”

“She told me she hates me and as a result threatens to snuff life out of me.”

“Janet brought into our house three adolescents, two males and one female who she stated are her friend’s children.”

“According to her, her friend had a problem with her marriage and this led to this woman’s husband throwing her and their children out of his house.”

“I took in these children but I later regretted doing so.”

“The female one among them was impregnated and I was indicted. It was a big task convincing my wife I knew nothing about it.”

“I was exonerated only after the police investigated the matter and fish out the culprit, a guy she had an illicit relationship with.”

“This incident deepened the gulf in our relationship.”

“I tried all I could to return warmth into our marriage but Janet kept snubbing me.”

“I once got excited and tried to hug her in a public place but she pushed me off, thus embarrassing me.”

“Janet and I both shared the same bed, but I moved out of our room the night she beat me and pulled me all over our apartment with my boxer.”

“My lord, I am through with my wife, please separate us, “the plaintiff pleaded.

Janet in her response said: “My lord, I am not ready to part ways with my husband. I, therefore, refuse that the court separates us.”

“My husband and I had a smooth relationship and a good marriage until we allowed a devil into our home. She turned our home upside down and set my husband and I against each other.”

“This woman who is a member of our church pretended to be my friend. I decided that my husband and I render her help when she had challenges with her marriage but she paid me back with evil.”

“I cautioned my husband when I later learnt that she was the one who built the house she and her family were living in but that she sent her husband packing after they had a misunderstanding.”

“My husband refused to heed my advice but went ahead to put her in charge of his poultry without discussing with me.”

“I went along with my husband to greet this woman in her house on New Year’s Day. I sat in the sitting room, but was surprised to see my husband go inside into the room where she was.”

“They later came out of the room with my husband carrying her bag.  My husband stood there right in my presence helping her to rub powder on her face.”

“I was shocked and at the same time embarrassed at what I saw, but kept mute because I didn’t want to create a scene.”

“My lord, this woman’s husband later informed me that she is dating my husband.”

“It is true I pushed him away when he hugged me. I knew he was pretending and has been unfaithful to me.”

“Sam and this woman are in the habit of going out in the pretext that they were going to buy feed for the chickens.”

“They both travelled to Lagos for five days without giving any reasonable explanation for the journey,” the defendant stated.

She added that, “My husband neglected me and our children but took up the responsibility of paying this woman’s children’s school fees.”

“We once fought and he almost strangled me. He pushed me out of his house that night. He refused that I had access to our apartment for five days.”

“We fought at another time and he again chased me out. He refused that I picked any of my belongings and reported me at the police station that I was disturbing him. This woman has since moved in with my husband,” Janet concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that more evidence was needed and therefore adjourned the case.

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