A man, Monday Emmanuel, has been arrested for allegedly raping his two daughters and sodomising his son, The Nation Newspaper reports.

Emmanuel, 33, was said to have been abusing his children since 2018.

He was reportedly arrested by local vigilantes after his wife reported him.

He was said to have been handed over to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation.

A police source confirmed the development, quoting the suspect as saying that he was manipulated by an evil spirit.

According to the source, Emmanuel claimed that attempts to get delivered from the evil spirit through various spiritual processes have failed to yield aunt fruit.

The source further stated that Emmanuel denied involvement in the act with the intent to use the children for money ritual.

The source added that investigation however showed that the suspect who is yet to pay the bride price of the mother of the three children who he conscripted into his house when she was 15-years-old.

“The fourth child, if not that she is not in the house would have been one of his sex slaves.”

“The mother of the children said that several attempts to get her husband to stop the ungodly act failed.”

The source hinted that Emmanuel could be charged for homosexuality, child molestation, child abuse and rape.

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