Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently heard the divorce suit regarding the 11-year-old wedlock between a couple, Ibrahim Jimoh and his wife, Barakat Jimoh, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Ibrahim who dragged his wife to court accused her of dirtiness and infidelity.

The plaintiff added that the defendant neglected him and their only child.

Ibrahim told the court he has had enough of his wife’s indecent lifestyle and thus prayed the court to dissolve their union.

Barakat agreed to divorce.

She told the court her husband impregnated another woman.

“My lord, I’m fed up with my wife. Barakat’s lifestyle has made our marriage no longer appealing to me.

“My wife flouts my order. Barakat insisted on worshipping in church despite my warning against it.

“My ears are full of Barakat’s atrocities. People kept telling me that she sleeps with members of her church. Barakat did not deny this when I confronted her with my proof.

“None of her family members are in court with her today because they are ashamed of her promiscuous lifestyle.

“My wife is arrogant. She has no respect for me and my family members. She hates to see my relations visiting me.

“Any time I complain about this, she will tell me to go and take another wife,” the plaintiff said.

“Barakat has completely failed in her duty towards our only child. She’s not bothered about his welfare. Barakat will put our son in her aunt’s care and go whoring.

“Any time I complain she would ask me to enroll him in a boarding school and I always tell her he’s too young to leave home.

“My life is obviously not safe with such a woman.

“My lord, I feel reluctant coming home with friends because my wife is dirty.

“Barakat has no shame. She’s in the habit of displaying her dirty pants all over the place.

“The more I show my displeasure at this, the more she does it.

“My lord, my wife is far from being a blessing to me.

“I want her out of my life and the time is now,” Ibrahim stated.


“My lord, my marriage to Ibrahim ended the day I learnt he has impregnated another woman.

“I agree that the court separate us,” Barakat said while giving her evidence.

“Ibrahim behaves immaturely. Any time we fight, he will move to his parents’ house.

“I always go there to beg him.

“My husband’s  behaviour can be likened to that of the kettle calling the pot black.

“He has no right to accuse me of infidelity.

“My husband is unfair to me. He impregnated another woman and still has the gut to accuse me of immorality.

“My lord, it is true I asked him to put our child in the boarding house. I believe he will be given sound training and have a good foundation there,” the defendant said.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, stated that more evidence would be needed.

Odunade, therefore adjourned the case and asked both parties to come with their child and family members.

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