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Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the 11-year-old wedlock between a couple, Lekan Ahmed and Monrufat Ahmed, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Lekan who dragged his wife to court alleged that she neglected him and their children and that she was in the habit of hanging out with other men and returning home late.

According to the plaintiff, the earliest time the defendant returned home was 10:00 pm.

He added that his wife left his house with their children and took all his property along with her.

Lekan further stated that Monrufat refused that their children go to school and that she later dumped them at her ex husband’s house while she was living somewhere else.

The plaintiff thus prayed the court to end their union and put their children in his care so that he could give them quality education.

Monrufat gave her consent to divorce.

She explained that her husband was irresponsible and that he always gave only N200 to cook for the whole family.

Monrufat stated that her husband was an ingrate. She told the court how she laboured to make ends meet when he was ill but that he rewarded her by beating her to a pulp when he recovered and later sent her packing.

She appealed that the court granted her custody of their children because her husband has taken another wife who maltreats them.

Lekan in her evidence stated that, “Monsurat had always been a pain in the neck.”

“She refused to cooperate with me in the house and marred our relationship.”

“Monrufat was fond of coming home late. She never returned home earlier than 10:00 pm and was always giving flimsy excuses.  But I knew she was hanging out with other men.”

“I sought the help of my mother in-law on the issue but to my chagrin, rather than berate her daughter, she threatened to hold me responsible if anything happened to her on her way home in the night.”

“Though not convenient, I would leave the children at home and go and wait at the roadside for her return because of her mother’s threat.”

“I counseled my wife on this issue and even went as far as prostrating for her to see reason with me, but she remained adamant. Monrufat snubbed me. She took to mocking me and sometimes telling me that I would soon kill myself.”

“Monrufat later packed out of my house and left with all my belongings. She also took the children along with her and moved to her mother’s place.”

“I sought the help of the police to retrieve my belongings from her but this didn’t go down well with her mother who accused me of inviting the police to her house to arrest her.” the plaintiff stated.

Lekan added: “Monrufat withdrew our children from the private school where I enrolled them and took them to a public school.”

“She failed to monitor their academic activities. I learnt from their teachers who I gave my phone number that they came to school in dirty school uniforms and that they failed to do their homework.”

“I refused that our children returned to her when they came to spend their holiday with me because their educational performance was poor.”

“I enrolled them in another private school but she came to pick them without my consent.”

“I later learnt that she stopped the children from going to school.”

“Worse is the fact that she dumped them at her ex husband’s house while she was living in another place.”

“I traced the place and found our children there, who told me it was long since they stepped school.”

“My lord, I’m not learned neither is my wife. My desire is that our children get sound education but Monsurat is frustrating all my efforts.”

“I pray this court to separate us and grant me custody of the two children in our marriage so that I can monitor their welfare,” he said.

Monrufat in response to what her husband said told the court that, “My marriage to Lekan had ended a long time ago. I agree that the court make an official pronunciation dissolving it.”

“My husband and I were living together peacefully until his mother came to live with us after we moved into our new house. She was the one who instigated my husband against me.”

“Lekan was once sick and I exhausted my income on his ailment. I fetched water and sold wood to make ends meet since he was not fit to work.”

“After he got back on his feet, rather than see to it that the children and I fared well, he decided to reduce our feeding allowance. He reduced it from N500 to N200.”

“When I reported him to my mother, she advised that I stopped cooking for him and I did.”

“Lekan took to fighting me. He would hit me with the wood I’m selling,” the defendant explained.”

“I left my husband because I caught him attempting to sleep with my friend.”

“My lord, Lekan can’t have our children because he returns home every day between 10:00 pm and 12:00 a.m.”

“Our children told me he was in the habit of abandoning them at home and going to sleep with his lover.”

“I went to take them from him but he later came for them.”

“I once went to check on their welfare and my mother in-law informed me that he had married another wife.”

“My lord, our neighbours called to inform me that Lekan’s new wife maltreats our children. According to them, she makes them fetch water from dawn to dusk while they don’t take breakfast earlier than 2:00 pm,” she concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade ruled that their marriage was dissolved.

He granted custody of their two children to the plaintiff.

Both parties were advised to maintain peace.

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