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FOR YOU TO BE A GOOD TEACHER, YOU MUST BE A GOOD ACTOR – FM destiny productions Boss; Funmilayo Omikunle

Funmilayo Omikunle is an educator and actress, born decades ago to Mr and Mrs Ajibade Fabanwo in Okemesi-Ekiti in Ekiti state, Nigeria, she attended St Peter’s primary school, Okemesi Grammar school both in Okemesi-Ekiti. She later attended Ekiti Teachers college in Efon-Alaaye, Ekiti state.

After that, she attended College of Eduction in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti state from where she proceeded to Lagos state university (LASU) in Lagos state where she had her first and second degree in Yoruba language.

In this chat with OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi, she explained her sojourn to the acting world, the Nigerian movie industry, challenges and other issues. Enjoy reading.

When and how did your career in acting start?

I started my acting career as a teacher in the classroom and screen acting in 2007.

I started Teaching in Ekiti state in 1980. I later came to Lagos where I taught for 35 years before I retired in May 2018. Ten years before I retired, I thought of what I will be doing after retirement so I trained myself in screen writing, production and acting; all Internet training.

How many movies have you produced and which one do you see as the most challenging?

I have produced over 15 films and 6 seasons of series of 26 episodes each. They include SUBUOLA, GBEDUNJO, IJEBITANI, PONLE, ONILE, THE GUIDE, OMO OLODOODE, IBEERE META to mention a few. The most challenging is OMO OLODO’DE.

Comparing the way the movie industry is now and the way it used to be, what would you say?

The present state of movie industry is a bit easier compare to the old, probably because of the modern technology.

What are the problems that you think are confronting the movie industry in Nigeria?

The present movie industry is being faced with a lots of problems, starting from lack of support from both the Govermmemnt and the society. Piracy is also a major problem. Marketing is another.

As an actress, do you have any regret being in the movie industry, if so, what is your regret?

I do not for once regret being in the movie industry. It has been awesome.

When is your happiest day ever?

The happiest day in my life as an actor was the day I first saw myself on the TV.

If you’re not an actress, which other profession would you have loved to practice?

I have always been an actress. As a Teacher I am a super actor. For you to teach the students he/ she must act for the students to comprehend. A Good teacher is an Actor.

As an elderly woman who is a role model to a lot of up and coming actors, what advise do you have for them?

To be focused, diligent and decent.

Please, tell us one thing you can never be caught doing and one thing you can not do without?

I do not lie and can never be indecent. I can’t do without God.

In your own words, who is Funmilayo Omikunle?

Funmilayo Omikunle is a hard working diligent, decent, go-getter, honest and God fearing woman.

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