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“He never finished his primary school education but lied that he was a graduate.”

“I took loans to feed and clothe him and our children, but all I got from him were beatings.”

“He refused that I further my education, accused me of adultery and lacerated my private part during sex.”

“There was never a time I shirked my responsibility as the head of the home.”

“I encouraged her to sit for the secondary school leaving examination and helped in processing her admission into the university.”

“She suddenly changed and treated me with scorn and contempt on resuming on campus.”

“She started dating other men and declared that I was too low for her standard.”

These were some of the testimonies given by a couple, Modupe Oyelade and Aderemi Oyelade at Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Modupe had dragged her husband to court pleading that it halt the relationship between them.

Modupe in her suit claimed that her husband never gave her peace of mind. She accused him of irresponsibility, battery, threat to life and an attempt to use her for ritual.

The plaintiff prayed the court to grant her custody of their four children and make the defendant responsible for their upkeep.

She further appealed to the court to restrain him from coming to harass or fight her at her place of residence or work place.

Aderemi denied all the allegations brought before him by his wife, but acceded to divorce.

According to him, their marriage was happy and peaceful until Modupe gained admission into an institution of higher learning and started misbehaving.

He explained that she became proud and promiscuous and took to scorning him.  The defendant said the plaintiff always said he no longer measured up to her standard.

The defendant begged the court not to grant her prayer on the children stating that he was capable of looking after their welfare.

Aderemi explained that he never failed to send them feeding allowance and pay their school fees since their mother took them away from him.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade noted that there was no more love between them.

Ruling, he dissolved their union and awarded custody of their four children to the plaintiff.

The defendant was mandated to be in charge of their welfare and give education and medical care the topmost priority.

Odunade further ordered him to give their children N20, 000 per month as feeding allowance.

This he stated must be carried out through the court.

Both were advised to maintain peace.

Modupe in her evidence explained that: “My marriage to Aderemi has been faced with challenges from its outset.”

“We fought always because he never took care of me and our children while our apartment looked like a pigsty. I, therefore, discourage people from paying us visits.”

“I was the one fending for the family; I would borrow money from different micro finance banks to feed him and our children and clothe them. Some other responsibilities I took up were that of paying the house rent and our children’s school fees. Aderemi would refuse to give me a dime even when the children took ill.”

“He always got angry any time I pleaded with him to manage the small ration of food remaining after the children had eaten.  He would beat me with cable.”

“I never enjoyed sex with him. Our mattresses were old, worn out and the covers torn. So also were other furniture in the house. We have been using them since we got married 17 years ago.”

“Since our bed was in a rickety state, he would put our mattress which is thin and uncomfortable on the floor and we would make love there.”

“Aderemi never ceased to accuse me of infidelity. We once had sex and unknown to me and he had lacerated my private part and I bled profusely.”

“I was scared and went for a check up at the hospital where I was told that he used a sharp object to cut me,” she said.

“Aderemi lied to me that he was a graduate. I got to know years after we got married that he did not finish his primary school education.”

“I decided to further my education so that we could live better but he ensured he frustrated me.”

“He insisted I withdraw from the university I gained admission into and accused me of dating our pastor who helped me with my admission.”

“Not done with these, he attempted to use me for ritual. He took to afflicting me in my dream. I would dream and see him put calabash on my head.”

“At other times while in bed in the night, I would wake up and see that he had turned and put his legs on my head.”

“Frightened by these regular occurrences, I moved out of his house but our church mediated in our crisis and reconciled us.”

“My lord, things got worse when Aderemi took to threatening to kill me.”

“I was once returning from work in the night and was kidnapped by four men. I was taken to an unknown place, but one of these men kept tapping his foot on the ground. He told me they were asked to kill me but that he couldn’t because he knew me. He warned me never to stay out late again.”

“My lord, this was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I moved out of his house with our children and rented an apartment where we are staying till date,” she concluded.

Aderemi gave his testimony stating that: “My lord, Modupe is a liar. I encouraged her to re-sit for the secondary school leaving certificate examination and she passed.”

“I was helping her process her admission into the University of Ibadan when I learnt she had been given an admission at the Osun State University.”

“I was surprised because she never discussed it with me, but I overlooked the issue.”

“For the first semester, I gave her N50, 000 out of the N100, 000 school fees with a promise to pay the balance later. I also gave her feeding allowance and bus fare.”

“My wife suddenly changed and took to spiting me. She told me I no longer met her standard.”

“My lord, I learnt months after this that Modupe was dating our pastor who helped her with the admission.”

“I have never failed to give her and our children money for their upkeep since she moved out of my house. I send them N10,000 every month through money transfer process.”

“Modupe has not ceased to soil my name since she left me. I declare before this court that I’m not fetish and never attempted to use my wife for ritual.”

“I am also no longer interested in our marriage, but I pray the court to compel her to bring back my property which she took along with her.”

“Among these are my mattress, chairs and television,” the defendant said.

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