A housewife, Mrs Edith Obieme, told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her marriage to Kingsley for alleged infidelity and lack of care, Vanguard Newspaper reports.

Edith, 35, whose husband sought the dissolution of their marriage, said that she too was no longer interested in the two-year-old marriage to Kingsley.

The mother of the four-month-old baby was responding to a petition by Kingsley to terminate his marriage to Edith because she had threatened to kill him on many occasions.

The defendant said she had caught Kingsley severally having sex with women on their matrimonial bed.

She told the court that she had never threatened to kill her husband as alleged because she would not receive any reward for doing that.

“My husband does not have respect for our home as he sleeps with women of different shapes, sizes and colours on our matrimonial bed.”

“I have caught him severally having sex with them; he will even tell me to come and watch them.”

“He once brought our housemaid to our bed, I never told him I needed a maid, but the day I caught him sleeping with her, the girl packed out.”

“Kingsley is a poor man, he does not have money, what is the need of killing him; I will gain nothing if I do so.

“I only threatened to bathe his concubines with acid if I catch them again on my bed,” Edith, a businesswoman, said.

She said that her husband did not give her money to cook nor ate her food but gave his mother money to cook for him or his children from his previous marriage to do so.

Besides, she told the court that Kingsley did not cater for their four-month-old baby and that her husband took her belongings to her parents informing them of his lack of interest in marrying her.

She urged the court to grant her husband his wish for the dissolution of their marriage.

“I cannot die because of a man, he wants to send me out of the home so that he can bring in his lovers freely into the house,” she said.

But Kingsley told the court that whenever they had a slight misunderstanding, his wife would threaten to bathe him with acid.

“I don’t want to die or be disfigured, I am afraid she might carry out her threat one day.

“I have stopped eating her food for fear of being poisoned,” he said.

The 37-year-old driver accused his wife of lack of care for him because his mother washed his clothes, adding that his wife maltreated his two children from his first marriage.

The petitioner said that Edith associated with people of questionable characters and whenever he told her to refrain from such people, she would fight him.

The embittered husband made a fervent prayer to the court to terminate the marriage that he does not love her anymore.

The President of the court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, urged the parties to maintain the peace and he adjourned the case until July 18 for judgment.

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